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Why A Soul Quest Program Is So Important

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

A 9-Week Journey to your True Identity, and your Soul.

As the elements in a tug of war between the ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring, pushed into maximizing their power. With light, air, water, earth, and fire creating a new reality, I too, must forge myself into something new, brilliant, and strong. May the sharp blade of Truth guide me with precision to discover and uncover the real, reborn, and true Me — Soul Connected.

March Madness

We are in an intense time energetically this month. You may have been feeling this for a while, not just this month. However, the energies that are coming through in March are culminating to, and through big events next week.

Not to mention one of the biggest headlines in astrology for 2023 happened last week as our Full Moon hit maximum power: Saturn moved into Pisces. This is a HUGE DEAL and all part of this massive push at this time to be Soul Connected.

That, along with the downloads I received regarding the upcoming Equinox, New Moon, and 3.23.23 Galactic Portal came on top of the downloads I began receiving in the middle of February.

Even as I was on my hiatus — it became clear that it was critical to tap into, and begin working on what is our top priority as we continue to awaken spiritually — OUR SOULS.

That was the priority, that is what was bursting from me.

Immediately, I got to work with my Spirit Team, The High Council, to channel a Soul Map.

It is of the most critical importance that we align with our Souls. That we are clear and open to connect and work with our Souls.

The most important Divine Union is our human aspect with our Souls

. Everything else that is powerful and magical, abundant and unifying with anyone and anything else will be a heightened experience for us in these lifetimes.

What our Soul wants for and from us is the top priority to know and understand. Everything else is an illusion to keep us from that connection.

Whatever else that may seem important isn’t nearly as important because our Soul Connection is a direct reflection of how well or how badly you feel emotionally, energetically, physically, and of course — spiritually.

It’s a direct reflection of how your life is going. The status of your relationships, health, and bank account reflect this as well. How well or how poorly your overall function is in every aspect of your life.

How grounded, healthy, how stable, how in flow, how creational, how motivated, how inspired and how happy you are is a mirror to the relationship you have with your Soul.

Are you in alignment? Do you communicate? Are you aware of what it is your Soul wants?

The Pisces Water Season Clarifies Us

This time through Pisces Season has helped us to be more aware of how we feel.

It’s helped us be more psychically connected to our body and the bodies of those around us, and experiences we are connected to.

It has helped us feel into what may be our blocks, our deeply stuffed down pains and fears.

These are some of the ways that the incoming energies may be affecting those who are not working with a clear field:

Feeling exhausted, in pain, sick, unable to sleep properly, aches, having digestion issues, forgetful, confused, irritable, skin issues, unable to concentrate or stick with doing anything for too long, not able to process conversations, being overly emotional, irrational, lashing out, avoidance, isolation, and depression.

A lot of that could have come on more in the last few weeks or been a factor for the last few months leading to this point. Either way, it’s coming to a head because of where we are headed and what’s incoming and only intensifying from here on out.

If you’re feeling any of the above, then that’s an indication that your field isn’t clear and to pay attention to yourself, and the condition of your Soul Connection. Now is the time for clarity, for being intentional about this critical way we are being guided to expand and evolve our human aspects.

The game has intensified. The Spiritual War is at a full clip, and those who have awakened, even if you are at the beginning of your awakening — you are being called to take your position seriously.

You are here for a reason, awake and seeking The Truth for a reason. The Truth comes from being in alignment, not in confusion, not suffering, not in pain or fear.

You are here to be a Light Bringer, A Spiritual Warrior who is using their maximum power.

What is under the surface that needs to be acknowledged? What needs to be healed? What must be released? What must be honored?

Whether conscious of it or not, we get uncomfortable, restless, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, sad, depressed, angry, unmotivated, easily manipulated and fearful when we are not in alignment with our Souls and what it is we need to be doing to fulfill our Soul Missions and Destinies.

We have been distracted, lied to, poisoned, abused, manipulated and in chaos in various ways from various sources our entire lives. And for as amazing as technology can be — it can also help us be connected to chaos instead of truly connected to what matters.

As we move into 2023 we will be guided and compelled to clear out what doesn’t work, and connect to what does. To get to the root of what we and our Soul truly want, what we are here to do.

The status quo will no longer work. Whatever you thought you would be doing, has and will change, and that is because the need to align with our Soul has been activated for all who are awake. Our time in these lives are finite.

Therefore, we must use our precious time to our advantage — the less we stumble around, the greater our potential.

We are guided to be on track with our highest possible timelines — and the only way to do that is to be Soul Connected.

What do we want? What does our Soul want? How do I as a human know and then fulfill those things?

The Soul Quest Program & The Daily Spirit Shows

3.14.2023 5 PM Pacific Live Show: The Soul Quest Program Info and Q & A!

On 2.19.2023 I began channeling and creating a Soul Map. The purpose is to connect with your Soul. The process takes place when we connect to each of our bodies, eventually leading us to our True Identities, and our Spirit Name.

This Soul Quest Program will help anyone to navigate that connection, regardless of where they are on their journey.

There are more people on a Spiritual Journey than ever before. The pandemic really accelerated this for The Collective beginning 3 years ago.

At this time, and through 2023, we are reaching a new, greater awareness of the importance of our spirituality, and understanding ourselves, our world, and creation from a perspective that others cannot teach us — only guide us to surrender and explore for ourselves.

I spoke about it during my Live Show on Fireside today. You can check out the replay here on YouTube.

If you follow me already, then you are aware of my Live Shows on Fireside and The Fireside App, simulcasted on YouTube.

Today I started the first of a Daily Spirit show that will be taking place Monday through Friday at 12pm Pacific from 3.13–3.31. 2023.

I haven’t been guided to do daily shows in a very long time, and I’m very excited that these 3 weeks lead us into The Soul Quest Program.

The purpose of these daily shows is to prepare energetically to help us stabilize as these incoming energies intensify at the end of our astrological year. Moving into Aries, on 3.20.2023, the astrological new year and the Spring Equinox on the same day resets and forces us to shift into the new paradigm.

For those of us who are called to be Soul Connected, to go as deep as we possibly can with ourselves — these daily shows featuring a general Oracle Reading (today’s was so, SO perfect!) and a channeled, guided spirit walk astral meditation.

Consider these daily shows the training for the marathon that we are to do for 9 weeks beginning 4.3.2023 in The Soul Quest Program.

Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Soul Quest Program Guides You To Answer These Important Questions

What does your Soul want? What is your True Identity? What is your Life Purpose? What are your Soul Missions & Destinies? What are your next steps? What is your Spirit Name?​

The purpose of spiritually awakening is to connect with your Soul to help you live life fully embodied.​

When you are connected with your Soul, you are grounded, stable, in alignment, purposeful, happy and healthy.​

Once Soul Connected, you are unimpeded by confusion.

Everything about your life is in flow.​

Despite any turmoil that may happen around you, you are clear about who you are, what you are meant to do, and how to do it.

Being truly Soul Connected is to consciously establish a new, spiritually awoken identity. This means to acknowledge and explore yourself to see where you’ve been, to embrace your life story, and the new you who is emerging. You have discovered new truths about the world and yourself. You are evolving.

Who is the new you?​

To fully understand how you have evolved, a Soul Map has been Divinely Channeled for this program with a series of in-depth questions and self-assessments that are separated into 8 Body & Soul Maps.​

Your 6 Body Maps:

  • Spiritual Body

  • Mental Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Physical Body

  • Energetic Body

  • Abundance Body

​Your Soul Maps:

  • My True Identity

  • My Spirit Name​

The series of questions you answer for each Map, and the Guidance you will receive during the live shows on Fireside (or replay) will naturally inspire you to integrate with your Soul in a deeper spiritual way.​

By acknowledging and communicating with each of your bodies you will know what still requires healing and clearing, the victories you’ve had, how you have grown, what talents and abilities to prioritize, and how to create and amplify your Soul Song in the world.​

You will know how to build upon the experiences, wisdom, and knowledge you have already gained through a newly integrated Soul perspective.​

In this Shaman Circle, the intention is to come together as a group and hold space for each other as we connect to our Souls and Soul Family on both sides of the veil.​

We will be supporting and empowering each other to be open to what we need to see, to let go of what needs to be released, and push through the unknown of ourselves.​

Through this, you will experience living in The Light, and no longer fumbling through the darkness, in fear and confused about yourself and your direction in life.​

  • The Soul Quest Program will be facilitated through, with a weekly release of each Body Map on Tuesdays.​

  • The Spirit Walk package for each body will be released on Tuesdays along with the Map for those who opt-in.

  • You will have 6 days to complete the Map and prepare your questions for the LIVE REVIEW SHOW the following Monday on Fireside at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Eastern.​

  • The program also includes LIFETIME access to The Soul Quest Private Group Forum, launching 4.3.2023.​

  • The forum will have threads for each Map/Week to post your questions, share stories, and support one another.​

The Spirit Walk Package

Available as an add-on, this package will maximize your journey with a channeled, guided, astral Spirit Walk mediation for each Map.

Weekly Podcast

I am launching a new podcast,Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Podcast on Friday, 3.31.2023.

The first 9 episodes will be dedicated to The Soul Quest Program. Each week there will be an introduction and information about each Map.

The Soul Quest Program Itinerary


​4.3.2023-Welcome & Intro to The Soul Quest Program Release

​4.3.2023-Introduction Live Show on Fireside

4.4.2023-Release of The Spiritual Body Map


4.10.2023-Spiritual Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

4.11.2023-Release of The Mental Body Map


4.17.2023-Mental Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

4.18.2023-Release of The Emotional Body Map


4.24.2023-Emotional Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

4.25.2023-Release of The Physical Body Map


​5.1.2023-Physlcal Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

​5.2.2023-Release of The Energetic Body Map


5.8.2023-Energetic Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

5.9.2023-Release of The Abundance Body Map


5.15.2023-Abundance Body Map Review Live Show on Fireside

5.16.2023-Release of The My True Identity Map


5.22.2023-My True Identity Review Live Show on Fireside

5.23.2023-Release of My Spirit Name Map


5.29.2023-My Spirit Name Map Review & Program Wrap Up Live Show on Fireside Sliding Scale Pricing

I offer all of my programs based on The Universal Sliding Scale, which balances the energy exchanged from the payment of money to help heal The Money Wound (fears based around money/lack). For some, the base price is what can be comfortably paid, while others can afford to pay more.​


Based on the above, The Soul Quest Program is offered starting at $500 ($55.55/wk).

You can pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan from $100/month.

The Spirit Walk Package is offered at $200 or 2 monthly installments of $100.

The way the website is designed, the price cannot be adjusted. If guided to increase this amount, at any time during or upon program completion, please follow this link.​

My goal in facilitating this program is to help you find deep connections with yourself and others, inspiration, motivation, faith, clarity, healing, and love as you evolve into the future Soul Connected.​

If you require any further assistance about the program, payments, enrollments, etc. please email

Program Launch: 4.3.2023


​What Repeating 5’s Angels Numbers Mean

The recurring number sequence of 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to break free from old restraints and constraints that have held you back in the past. It is time to ‘live your passion!’ Angel Number 55 is telling you that big changes are ahead, if not already around you.

The repeating number 555 indicates that major life changes are in store for you — in a very big way! Angel Number 555 tells us that significant changes and transformations are here for you and you have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve as a spiritual being. Your true life purpose and path are awaiting you …

The 5555 number sequence is a message from the Universe that your life is about to go through some major changes, with new freedoms and living your inner- truths.

Via Joanne Sacred Scribes follow the link for the full description.

Originally post on March 14,2023


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