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Self-Growth: When It Happens & How To Celebrate

How do we really know when we’ve evolved? And what do we do about it?

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“What makes night within us may leave stars.” Victor Hugo, Ninety-Three

If there was ever a time to recognize when we have grown, it is now. With so much to keep us in a state of fear and chaos, we need to pay attention to how and when we may have “leveled up”. These moments, when we’ve grown in some way, can sometimes go unnoticed.

What’s considered growth? How do we know when we have grown? And is it that big of a deal?

Intentionally Evolving

For some we’ve been working on ourselves, our spirituality, our connections to ourselves and our Souls for a long time. Yet, we still have a hard time recognizing when we have grown — because we’re in the moment. And moments move quickly in this reality.

We need to really pay attention to when, why, how, and what took place, so we can replicate it. After all, humans are creatures of habit and we like rewards.

Unintentionally Evolving

You may not be into spirituality, or actively trying to overcome certain obstacles, but after going through a situation, you may realize that you actually didn’t behave or react like you would in the past.

Maybe your new organic diet, new exercise program, leaving that job or moving, getting rid of that toxic person has made you lighter, clearer— and eventually more evolved?

Retrain The Brain

We are animals — organic computer machines that run on programs. As we go through the process of deleting certain programs/negative energies or triggers from our world, we’ll feel and see the difference in ourselves and in our realities.

We most certainly need to take note of these processes to maximize that effect and then truly celebrate it.

No one knows you better than you know you (except for your inner-you). You know when you surprise yourself with a positive set of emotions or reactions to situations that would normally have you in a different, especially more negative, state of mind. The same goes if we react negatively when we normally wouldn’t — we know we’re off and out of balance. That we’re being pressured by negative energies in some way.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It helps us know what we still need to heal from.


Our triggers are our triggers. We all have them. We’re used to reacting in old patterns when they are set off. Identifying your triggers and your reactions, whether when they happen, or after — that’s time to celebrate! You’re working on it, and every inch of growth should be recognized.

It’s not easy to change, but it is possible. It takes effort and mindfulness and the ability to see above and past yourself into the larger picture, from a higher perspective.

Recognizing Growth

When you have shifted in a way that has made your perception, and thus your reaction and your overall energy, become different from what it once was — that’s growth!

In either case, whether it’s acknowledgment or a change in reaction, it is something to take note of, and really think about — don’t let it just slide by like an “oh cool” and move on.

No matter how big or small the situation in which you have grown, it’s necessary to acknowledge it. Acknowledging it reinforces that you’re paying attention to yourself, your energy, your state of mind, your vibration. It also tells your inner child that they are loved, and you are not ignoring these big milestones, even if it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in the scheme of things.

When you don’t react the way you once would — out of fear or anger, sadness, judgement, jealousy, shame, etc., etc., it’s a cause to celebrate! If you feel safe with whomever you are in that experience with, share it with them. If not, find someone who you do feel safe with and share it with them. Make sure you respect people’s privacy, while you celebrate your growth.

Tell a friend about what happened. Even if it’s as simple as being cut off on the road, and you’ve let it slide without so much as a blip on your radar. You realize that you didn’t have a reaction when normally you would.

Telling a friend maximizes that energy by opening up about what or how things were and are, and what you went through or did to accomplish this growth. Let them praise you and take the compliments! Do a dance and give yourself a gold star when these moments happen. You’ll reinforce yourself, and you’ll inspire them in some way.

Tell your adult you, and your child you, that you are letting go of energies that hold you back and keep you in a place of negativity. Tell them that you are finding peace and balance. Let them know that you are paying attention.

Even if it’s something like saying yes when you would normally say no.

And especially if it’s about overcoming a fear of some sort. Pushing your fear aside and doing something despite that fear is a GREAT cause for celebration!

It doesn’t matter if it’s finally publishing a story here on medium, sending business cards to print, jumping out of an airplane, diving with sharks, going up on an open mic night, finally trying to bake, filling out those documents to do that TedX Talk, sending out your manuscript, asking your love to marry you, putting in your notice to leave your job or current home, or even tackling that messy space in your home that feels like a monster. There are infinite things that you may conquer.

Rewards Are Essential

Seriously. Don’t skimp here. You want it to be a memory of some sort, and it’s a good idea to write about it. Put in down in the history books.

“Today my mother did her usual thing, and for the first time since I’ve so desperately wanted to not react to her, and keep myself calm — I did!

I was a duck and her usual triggers didn’t work — it slid right off, and it felt amazing!”

You can even share something like that on social media if you have a safe circle.

Then maybe consider buying yourself that little (or big!) something that you’ve been thinking of. Allow yourself a splurge of some sort. But make it an event.

You can even host a Zoom party and invite your best friends who will dance with you.

Plan For Growth

You can even set yourself up for your wishlist of goodies for when these things happen. Call it your Gold Star Treat List. It can go alongside your Vision Board if you have one.

The more you plan and have intent about your growth — the more growth you will have.

Infinite Love & Blessings,


Originally posted on July 24,2020


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