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The Ultimate Program For Mapping Your Shadow Work & Spiritual Journey

Webinar: The Soul Quest Program

Webinar: The Soul Quest Program

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Welcome to The Soul Quest Program!

You were Divinely Guided to this
At the perfect time for you! 

This is a 9-week program, with a

doors are always open to begin at
any time after July 15, 2024.

Meetings are on Thursday's at 3:30 PM Pacific

If you are absolutely unable to attend the meetings at 3:30
you have the option to join Infiniti at the end of 
The Unstoppable Empath Group meetings,
Thursday's that begin 12 PM & 6 PM, alternating weeks.
Contact Infiniti for complete details on adjusting meetings. 
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The Soul Quest Program

Guiding You To Answer

These Important Questions

The Soul Quest Program

Guiding You To Answer

These Important Questions

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*In an effort to constantly and consistently improve all aspects of her offerings, Infiniti reserves the right to make needed

adjustments to the program. This may include the days and/or times of live shows, or to make any other changes

as required in the future, including pausing or canceling the existing program.

Members will be notified of any pause or schedule change. 

*As a Member of The Soul Quest Program, you will have access to all features as long as it is offered.

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What does your Soul want?

What is your True Identity?

What is your Life Purpose?

What are your Soul Missions & Destinies?

What are your next steps?

What is your Spirit Name?

The purpose of spiritually awakening is to connect with your Soul to help you live life fully embodied.

When you are connected with your Soul, you are grounded, stable, in alignment, purposeful, happy and healthy.

Once Soul Connected, you are unimpeded by confusion, and you can connect to your highest timelines, getting in closer alignment to Soul embodiment, creating the possibility for unlimited power, ultimate health, an overflowing Life Force Energy, extending your life by greatly slowing down, the aging process, so much more.


The big ones would be your Life Purpose and Soul Missions. 


Shadow Work is a tool to discover where your fears, illusions, programming, trauma are, what they are about, and what and how they are connected to a web of energy, acknowledging it, and healing through awareness, and transmutation of that energy.


There's no specific way to do all of that, it is an individual process of healing and ascension.


What The Soul Quest Program does, is give you the information for what Shadow Work needs to be done.


Then you take that information and chip away at it as you are guided.


If you are working with Infiniti, either in a one-on-one or group setting, or on your own, you have the literal MAPS and have done intense self-healing through the Spirit Walks in the program, to go on your healing journey of Shadow Work. 


This allows for clarity and transmutation. Bringing you closer to your Soul, and your Life Purpose and Soul Missions. 

Despite any turmoil that may happen around you as you journey forward, you are clear about who you are, what you are meant to do, and how to do it.

Being truly Soul Connected is to consciously establish a new, spiritually awoken identity.


This means to acknowledge and explore yourself to see where you’ve been, to embrace your life story, and the new you who is emerging. You have discovered new truths about the world and yourself. You are evolving. 

Who Is The New You?

To fully understand how you have evolved, a Soul Map has been Divinely Channeled for this program with a series of in-depth questions and self-assessments that are separated into 8 Body & Soul Maps. 

Your 6 Body Maps:

  • Spiritual Body

  • Mental Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Physical Body

  • Energetic Body

  • Abundance Body

Your Soul Maps:

  • My True Identity

  • My Spirit Name

The series of questions you answer for each Map, and the Guidance you will receive during the weekly meetings, will naturally inspire you to integrate deeper with your Soul than ever before.

By acknowledging and communicating with each of your bodies you will know what still requires healing and clearing, the victories you’ve had, how you have grown, what talents and abilities to prioritize, and how to create and amplify your Soul Song in the world. 

You will know how to build upon the experiences, wisdom, and knowledge you have already gained through a newly integrated Soul perspective. 

In this Shaman Circle, the intention is to come together as a group and hold space for each other as we connect to our Souls and Soul Family on both sides of the veil. 

We will be supporting and empowering each other to be open to what we need to see, to let go of what needs to be released, and push through the unknown of ourselves. 

Through this, you will experience living in The Light, and no longer fumbling through the darkness, in fear and confused about yourself and your direction in life.

Infiniti's mission in facilitating this program is to help you find deep connections with yourself and others, inspiration, motivation, faith, clarity, healing, and love as you evolve into the future Soul Connected.










Program Features

  • *Lifetime Access

    • Connecting with your Soul is a lifetime process. You’re encouraged to repeat this program to continue to connect with yourself and your Soul in the future.


  • Private Weekly Group Meetings with Infiniti

    • Review your completed weekly Map, ask questions, receive spiritual guidance and actionable steps.


  • 8 Divinely Channeled Body and Soul Maps

    • Each map consists of 25-30 channeled questions and assessments designed to explore yourself on the deepest levels.


  • 8 Divinely Channelled Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditations

    • Featuring channeled messages, energy healing/clearing/grounding, activations, integrations with Mother-Father God, Mother Earth Gaia, The Archangels, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, and more. 


  • Private Facebook Groups: Active & Graduate

    • Join in the community discussion with like-minded individuals

    • Exclusive messages and content directly from Infiniti

    • Share your questions, experiences, thoughts, and insights.

    • Receive support and insight from other members, including Infiniti. 

    • There are 2 Facebook Groups, one for while you are doing the program, and one for when you have completed the program. You have access to the graduate program indefinitely. 


  •  Map Introduction

    • An accompanying video via Infiniti's Shaman Circle podcast explaining the function of each Body to prepare you to complete each Map. These videos are public.


*Due to the individual attention that Infiniti gives each member during the weekly meetings, there is a limited number of people who can be enrolled in the program at any given time. I


*If the program is currently FULL, there will be a notice on THE ENROLLMENT PAGE.

*It is advised to enroll in the program to hold your spot for the next available opening.

*Please contact Infiniti to check availability if you wish to reenter the program.

*If the program is full, you will be put on the waiting list and notified as soon as space is available.


*New members are given priority to enter the program. 


Program Schedule

Meetings are on Thursday's 3:30 PM Pacific



Video Podcast Ep. 1-Welcome & Intro to The Soul Quest Program ​

Video Podcast Ep. 2-​ Spiritual Body Map 

Release of The Spiritual Body Map & Spirit Walk


Live Meeting Review: The Spiritual Body Map 

Video Podcast Ep. 3-The Mental Body Map

​Release of The Mental Body Map & Spirit Walk​



Live Meeting Review: The Mental Body Map 

Video Podcast Ep. 4-The Emotional Body Map

Release of The Emotional Body Map & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: The Emotional Body Map 

Video Podcast Ep. 5-The Physical Body Map

Release of The Physical Body Map & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: The Physical Body Map 

Video Podcast Ep. 6-The Energetic Body Map

Release of The Energetic Body Map & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: The Energetic Body Map 

Video Podcast Ep. 6-The Abundance Body Map​

Release of The Abundance Body Map​ & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: The Abundance Body Map​ 

Video Podcast Ep. 7-My True Identity Soul Map​

Release of My True Identity Soul Map​​ & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: My True Identity Soul Map

Video Podcast Ep. 8-My Spirit Name Map

Release of My Spirit Name Soul Map​​ & Spirit Walk


​Live Meeting Review: My Spirit Name Soul Map​​ & Program Completion

Revolving Program Start


You can begin this program at any time, and repeat it again and again!

New & returning Soul Quest Members can begin when the time is right for them

The weekly Live Map Review Meetings with Infiniti will host members at various stages of the program in the same meeting.


This blend of members' progress in the program gives everyone the broadest insight into every Map, and a wide range of topics and spiritual guidance at any stage of your program.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Infiniti offers all of her programs based on The Universal Sliding Scale, which balances the energy exchanged from the payment of money to help heal The Money Wound (fears based around money/lack). 


For some, the base price is what can be comfortably paid, while others can afford to pay more. 


The Soul Quest Program is offered starting at $999


For those of you who are guided to go above and beyond the base price, at any time during or upon program completion, please follow this link. Thank you!


In the effort to make this program accessible to as many people as possible, Infiniti offers several payment options:


Pay in full, or choose a 2, 3, 4 or 5 monthly payment plan.

There aren't any additional fees of any kind for selecting monthly payment plans.


Go to the ENROLLMENT PAGE, either select


Then click JOIN to select your plan.

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