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Update: The Soul Quest Program

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Real. Deep. Healing.

Lunching Friday, 3.31.2023

Canva Project

I hope, as we begin this last week of March, that you are feeling a bit more stable with the past week’s MASSIVE energies integrating and connecting with the current paradigm shift we experienced.

We had the Spring Equinox, Aries Season beginning, The New Moon in Aries (the first of two back-to-back), Pluto in Aquarius & The Galactic Gate on 3.23.2023. Not to mention the big transition of Saturn into Pisces on 3.8.2023.

It’s been quite a month, and I knew it would be. In February, it came through strongly that March would be a major turning point at the time of The Equinox, and the entire month after The Full Moon.

I was guided to create and channeled The Soul Quest Program, and further guided to facilitate daily shows from 3.13–3.31.

The daily shows include a Psychic Oracle Reading and Channeled Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditation to help us stay stable and more connected with our bodies, Soul, Mother Earth GAIA, and Guides & Guardians while preparing for The Soul Quest Program. The Spirit Walks have been so magical, deep, beautiful, and loving.

I highly suggest you check out the last week of live shows starting tomorrow, 3.27.2023 at Noon Pacific on Fireside and YouTube.

Go watch the show replays, and do the past Spirit Walks if you haven’t yet. Prepare for MAGIC! They are available for replay on Fireside and YouTube.

Once you start them, you will see just how well that stack onto each other and really begin to clear the way for us to do the deep healing that is involved in The Soul Quest.

Canva Project


What’s New?

I have exciting updates to announce for my new Soul Quest Program launching on Friday, 3.31.2023.

Begin your Soul Quest ANY TIME!

We launch the first LIVE journey on 3.31.2023, but you can start the journey at anytime thereafter, you do not have to wait until the LIVE LAUNCH is completed.

The Soul Quest Program: Spirit Walks Package $200

9 Channeled Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditations for each of the 8 Body & Soul Maps, PLUS a Soul Quest Spirit Walk.

The Soul Quest Program can be completed without the Channeled Spirit Walks, but it is highly recommended to have the complete tool-kit for this epic journey. The Spirit Walks will greatly help you connect with each body/map/stage of the program.

This is a forever investment! Use them whenever you need to reconnect, indefinitely! $22.22/per Spirit Walk, The ABUNDANCE ENCODEMENT.

The Spirit Walk Package is offered at $200 or 2 monthly installments of $100.

Go here to enroll in The Soul Quest Spirit Walks Package now!

Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Podcast

My new podcast will begin with The Soul Quest Program and feature weekly episodes published on Friday’s to accompany each week’s Map.

Bring any questions about the podcast to the weekly live shows on Monday’s.

Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Podcast will be available on, and everywhere you listen to podcasts.

The video version of each episode will be available on YouTube.


You can now choose monthly payments OR pay in full options when enrolling in The Soul Quest Program! Payments will be automatically processed monthly for 2 months for $250.

Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Daily Shows, Noon Pacific through 3.31.2023, Fireside & YouTube

Thanks for being guided to learn more about The Soul Quest Program and the new updates.

I’m so beyond excited about The Soul Quest Program, and everything that will magically be brought in through it for myself, and each participant, as well as The Collective.

There truly is nothing more important than connecting with ourselves, our bodies, and our Souls.

As we heal one, we heal all.

Please share this information with Soul Family who are in alignment with deep Soul & Divine Spirit connections.

Originally posted on 3.26.2030


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