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Exactly What You Need Now


À La Carte Magical Moments

Two 3-Hour Sessions​ 

Customized Just For You

Magical Moments 


  • SPOT HEALING: Eliminate a painful chronic issue:

    • Healing for one area of the body, i.e.

    • Back, hips, knees, hands, stomach/digestion, headaches/migraines, etc. 

      • May include instructions/prerecorded for ongoing energy work for maintenance as guided.​

  • Spiritual Guidance:

    • Get clarity for choices you need to make​

  • Ascension Coaching:

    • The Awakening Path, Spirituality Questions, Metaphysics Alchemy, Manifesting, etc.

  • Empath Advice:

    • Training & Maintenance Education

  • Psychic Guidance:

    • Any Topic or Situation-Love, Career, Wealth, etc.

  • Mediumship:

    • Connect with crossed-over loved ones

  • Chakra Maintenance:

    • Energy Clearing & Medical Mediumship

  • Personalized Spirit Walk Astral Meditation:

    • Channeling Mother Earth GAIA for your travel​

  • Divine Channeling:

    • Connect with your Guides & Guardians

  • Animal Communication & Healing:

    • Connection with your pet for general or spot healing​

  • Tarot & Oracle:

    • Clarity through divination​

    • No card limit

    • Photos of your spread & each card

    • Photos of the guidebook descriptions (Oracle) 

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Magical Moments sessions are offered on a

Universal Sliding Scale starting at 


$1,234+ Per Session

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You are invited to schedule a 30-minute consultation with Infiniti 

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