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The Andara Light Beings


I am so blessed to have been connected with The Andara Light Beings.

Many know them simply as ANDARA.

Even more have never heard of them.

No matter if or how you know them or not until this moment,

please know that you were guided to this page to know about them

in a very different way than anyone will explain them to you. 

I am a Guardian, Ambassador, Activator, and Distributor of



I will tell you The Truth about The Andara. 

Unfortunately, The ANDARA are very controversial.

There are misunderstandings about what they are,

their legitimacy, and what their value is.

I am here to set the record straight for you. 

Originally, as the story goes, Andara were discovered on Mount Shasta

by a woman named Lady Nellie.


There are various accounts of exactly how she discovered them, whether they appeared out of nowhere on her property, or she found some,

and then found much more.


That they are magical and just appeared,

"unnatural" and unlike any natural crystal upon GAIA,

but hold very specific healing properties/energies

that those who are spiritual are attracted to.

There is the story of them being pieces of crystal/glass from long ago

civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis,

carrying the energies of those magical timelines. 

There is the story that they are simply man-made glass.

Nothing special at all, and certainly not expensive.


That they are not worth anything close to what they are sold for.

That the above two stories are

 bullshit and The Andara are a complete SCAM.

As an Archangel Incarnate, and someone DEEPLY & SPECIFICALLY guided to

The Andara, immediately feeling their immense power and experiencing impossible energetic shifts even before I ever held my first one!

Just looking at photos of The Andara I would eventually come to buy, would cause me to experience massive energetic and spiritual activations and downloads-every time I would spend time looking at the pictures, or even just thinking about them.

I was BLOWN AWAY by them, truly, in many ways.

Then I came to find out that there is this huge divide over their legitimacy.

This greatly confused me--at first.

I was guided to understand The Andara story, their purpose, and the discrepancy in what people feel about them, even what I felt about them.


I would feel absolutely nothing and know that they were not Andara,

they were not Light Beings, or connected to anything.


They may be pretty, but the best way to describe it is that they feel empty.

The problem is that 99.99% of people are not as connected or sensitive as

I am to know or feel this difference.

If you can imagine a USB stick, and the information that can be

contained within, this is what The Andara are like.


They all look like pieces of glass-but they are


Vessels of energy/consciousness/Life Force.


There are several ways they can be activated:

  • They can have different  GALACTIC consciousness, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran, Alpha Centauri, etc., including Galactics that are unknown to humans. 

  • They can access your Akashic Records, or more accurately, they enable YOU to access your Akashic records.

  •  They act as a portal to your ancestors, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Dragons, Unicorn, Mer, Elementals, and The Fae.

  • They can be activated to the Life Force connection to Spirit Animals, Animal Spirits and Living Animals

  • They can be connected to all The Ascended Masters. From Jesus/Elo, Buddha, Shiva, Ganesha, Shatki, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, etc. It's having a cell phone to connect with them, their energy, their LIGHT, their particular way they can help guide, heal and activate you.


I have been Divinely Guided to The Truth of their origin, their purpose,

their value and what my role is to be in working with them.

I spent a few different sessions

in an astral state of meditation, connecting to my Guides & Guardians.


Of course, Mother Earth GAIA herself came to me

(we are constantly working together)

with the explicit intent to give me/us THE TRUTH about The Andara.


And as usual, it's not so cut and dry when it comes to 

what THE TRUTH, and what the deal is with The Andara.

Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif
Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif

Mount Shasta Andara

GAIA confirmed the Lady Nellie story.


There were several pieces that were found, that are not of GAIA, that were left here by Galactics upon Mount Shasta in the past

111 years.


These pieces were brought here activated with the energy of The Andara Light Beings.

However, they are not only left upon Mount Shasta. They have been found around particular energetic portals, awaiting those who would be led to find them, connect and receive their activations.

From Shasta, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia.

These pieces are rare. Some of the people who found them never understood what they were, but benefitted from them regardless.


The Andara Light Beings connecting to Star Seeds/Light Beings (Divine Incarnates).


Nearly all of the ones that were brought here have been found and are rarely for sale.

Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif
Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif

Lemuria Andara

Just like The Mount Shasta Andara,

The Lemuria Andara are real. 

Since we now know through Infiniti's channeling and connecting to Lemuria, which is in the 6th-9th dimensions at Mount Shasta, we also know that there are Lemurian Andara!


What's the difference between Shasta & Lemuria Andara sine they are basically the same place?


The Lemuria Andara were/are created by The Lemurians through channeled guidance,

and activated with The Andara Light Beings.

These pieces tend to be even smaller than The Mount Shasta variety, and are even rarer than them as well. 

The Lemurians have left or "given" their Andara to Light Bodies, Typically Angelics Incarnate, although some Starseeds have been recipients as well.


They are given to those who are meant to

deeply connect and work with and through  Lemuria.

These are also extremely difficult to

find for sale, and most people wouldn't know the difference between one or the other anyway.

Aside from that, anyone who has one is extremely unlikely to sell it. They are more likely to trade or give it to another Light Body as Guided.


Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif

Man-Made Glass "Andara"

This is where and why there is so much controversy about Andara--it is a true paradox.

Many "Andara" that are sold are not Andara, meaning they are man-made pieces of glass,


However, these pieces of glass HAVE been activated by Andara Light Beings!


They contain any of the energy/

Life Force/consciousness

mentioned above.


There are these pieces of glass that have

not yet been fully activated by ANDARA,

but are being PRE activated, and others

that have the potential for activation.


Lastly, there are others that do not have the potential for activation. 

When purchasing Andara, you can get any of the above categories of Andara.

What's worse is that most people selling Andara think that they are getting away with murder, selling $2 pieces of glass for $200+, when some of what they are selling are actually activated, then again some are not and never will be. 

I'd like to think that even in those instances, the people buying them are amplifying their frequency because they intend to, even if the purpose for the Andara they bought will never be a reality.

Not all man-made pieces of what is known as conch or slag glass have the essential "balance" and resonance that is needed to activate them to become Andara.

I was guided to begin to acquire and activate the pieces of slag that are suitable for activation, and I can activate them working through and with Lemuria, and The Andara Light Beings.

Untitled (20 × 30 in) (5).gif

Infiniti's Andara Light Being Collection 

This is a gallery of some Andara that Infiniti has in her collection.

Some of these are connected and activated with her, and some are available for your personal activation. 

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