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Join Infiniti Live!


Go to the Infinite Empath YouTube Channel

To watch LIVE and REPLAYS

Of the Soul Quest Program Map Review Shows,

The Monthly Full & New Moon shows


✶ Energy Updates

✶ General Oracle Readings & Readings For Participants

✶ Channeled, Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditations

and the

LIVE Full Spectrum Psychic Reading GIVEAWAY Shows! 

Almost all of Infiniti's LIVE SHOWS are interactive &

you're invited to join her on stage. 

Soul Quest Program Members are highly encouraged to use

the live shows to get one-on-one time with Infiniti.

She is always happy to answer your questions.


Join in on the LIVE SHOWS through this link on Zoom.


All ZOOM MEETING PARTICIPANTS are required to have their cameras on, and mics muted.

If you are selected for a question or a reading, then your mic is unmuted.

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Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum & Mediumship
Live & Free

Infiniti’s connection with divination tools like Tarot, The Oracle & Pendulums are truly magical. She is often guided to offer readings in her LIVE SHOWS.


She jokes that The Oracle Cards back up whatever she had said just moments before because it is undeniable how on point The Oracle will be,

and what she picks up through them for you. 


When it comes to The Pendulum, chances are you haven’t seen

one move quite like this. There is no doubt that it is responding. 

General Info & Rules of Engagement To Receive A Reading

👉 Please be in a peaceful state, away from noise and public places, being completely alone is preferred.  

👉 Please shut off TV's, music and videos.


👉 Each reading is approximately 15-25+ minutes long! Limited number of readings available. 


👉 Remember: Your Guides & Guardians know everything about you, and what’s going on in your life, what validation, information, and support you need. 


👉 Remember: What you need to know, and what you want to hear, may be very different things. It’s important to be honest with yourself, be open to what comes, and know it’s all meant for your wellbeing. 


👉 As a Medical Medium/Psychic Physical Empath, Infiniti will receive information about and for you on various levels: energetically, physically, emotionally, and visual impressions and channeled information.  

👉 The process will include spiritual messages, validation, advice/next steps. 


🙏🏻 Donations graciously accepted but not required. Use this link: or the button at the top of the page.


How It Works: Pendulum Readings


🧚 Infiniti will be guided to select participants from the gallery (Zoom Meeting Room) for a reading.   She will offer a reading to the participants whose Guides & Guardians want to connect to and require guidance at this time. *Infiniti does not take direct requests any longer.  


🧚 Once you are selected, Infiniti will energetically and spiritually connect with you, and your Guides & Guardians. Mercury will be a big influence in the readings. 


🧚 Each reading is opened up for Spirit & Medical Mediumship if so guided. 


🧚 Please have a YES or NO question about something specific ready. The questions must be clear and precise, not multifaceted. 


🧚 The Pendulum will respond by moving in the clockwise, counterclockwise or swinging back and forth from Infiniti’s perspective. 


🧚 Clockwise means YES, counterclockwise means NO, back and forth usually means it has not been decided yet. 

How It Works: Oracle & Tarot Readings

🧚 Once selected from the group for a reading, Infiniti will connect to you energetically. She may ask that you do some visualization or breathing to get centered.

🧚 You might be asked if you have a specific question for your Guides, but typically, it is best to see what comes through without any direction from you. 

🧚 Infiniti will be guided to a particular deck by your Guides & Guardians. She will clear and shuffle the cards until one comes out for you. She will then read from the corresponding guidebook about that card, and as she does, she receives information and clarity from your Guides & guardians about you and your situation. 


😇 Infiniti, a Divine Incarnate for The Archangel Gabriel for clear, and unquestionably accurate and real-deal readings. 


😇 Infiniti is a Psychic Physical Empath, Generational Shaman, Divine Channel, Medical Medium, Distance Quantum Healer, Medium, Animal Healer & Psychic, Soul & Ascension Guide, Seer, Messenger, Master Diviner & Card Reader, Divinely Guided Artist, Astral Travel Facilitator and in-between World Walker. 


😇 Infiniti works closely with and channels The Archangels, The Ascended Masters including Mother Earth GAIA herself, Spirit Animals, The Dragons, The Mer, The Unicorn, The Galactics & The Fae. 


😇 Infiniti will connect with any of the above as well as your crossed-over loved ones and ancestors if they step forward. 


😇 She sees visions and understands experiences the crossed over Soul had or is referring to. Through her connections with her Divine Counterparts, she facilitates a 4-way energetic and spiritual connection. 

How It Works: Mediumship


💜 Infiniti holds her Mediumship abilities in the highest regard. It is extremely healing and powerful to reconnect people to loved ones who have crossed over, providing advice for signs of your loved ones being with you, and how to establish a continued connection. 


💜 Facilitating Mediumship Readings is special and delicate work that should provide a clear channel, and a true validation of identity.

How It Works: Private Readings

Infiniti can only go so far in a limited time, and in a public space with you. To get the full experience of connecting with your Guides & Guardians, crossed-over loved ones, and to hear from the plethora of Divine Beings Infiniti can connect to for you, consider booking a private reading for Oracle, Tarot, or Mediumship. *Infiniti will use her Pendulum as guided in all sessions. Follow this link to be guided to your private session.

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