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A Channeled Message From Archangel Gabriel: Your Development-Tools & Practices That Will Help You Evolve

Photo by Emil Jarfelt on Unsplash

This is Archangel Gabriel. The light source of Archangel Essence. I am speaking to you from my Divine elevated state of beingness. As you may know, I have fully, successfully connected and am embodied with Infiniti, the human who is writing this. However, I want to make clear that I am speaking to you as The Archangel, not as Infiniti.

Coming through as our Highest Self, and in the same way as she would channel our other Archangel brothers and sisters, I can also come through in this way.

In the past, this was uncomfortable for Infiniti, but in the last few months she has evolved greatly, and is operating in a different capacity than she has.

We will continue to deliver messages in this way for you in the future from me/we/Us.

Although we are one and the same, an intermingling of consciousness — the one as a human, and the one as an Archangel who influences that Human. Infiniti’s Soul is an Archangel, and she has connected and open up to that truth completely.

It has been a process of integration that began many years ago, and especially in the last few years, and last few months, the process of integration has developed greatly for us.

We recall a time when, after she began communicating with us Archangels, herself — Gabriel, and the rest of us — hearing and feeling us, knowing we were there when it was necessary for the process for me to forgo communicating with her.

For many months, we didn’t communicate in her wake state.

It wasn’t time for her consciousness to harmonize with her Soul yet on that level. Michael and her ever shifting life as an awakened human kept her busy enough to not notice that I wasn’t communicating with her as I once did.

However, we worked in her Astral state every single time she slept. Helping the subconscious to accept the roots of Truth of what she was. At the same time we were working with those she would eventually come to know in her wake state, Soul Family — future friends and clients that were to find her in the future.

Of course, there are other things that we worked on; however, those were the projects that we spent the most time on.

The point of telling you this is not only to help you understand how a Human can be an Archangel, but to show that there is a process. For her, it was many months after I had come back and all of us were working to help her accept The Truth. She, like most people who are Archangels have a difficult time accepting that Truth. It took a lot of repetition of the facts, reviewing her entire life, and many situations that were not what people would consider normal.

It took her to go through new experiences and events to illustrate her uniqueness — but not only that — her power and abilities.

We had to remind her many, many times about her “broken body” her Fibromyalgia she had most of her life until our encounter with her, and reviewing her Soul Human History with her of always being a healer and seer. How in her current lifetime those around her — animals and people — would become energized, happy, illnesses or injuries passing quickly, and so many more facts of her life that were, again — not normal.

While she knows that there are people who will dismiss her, and everything she teaches because of her declaration of being who and what she is. However, she now has leveled-up, healed, cleared, grounded, and connected and assimilated to the point of understanding that she does more good for those who will be comforted by who she is. Who will feel The Truth of if it, and solace in knowing that we are here. That she is there.

Or course! There will always be those who will doubt, judge and ridicule her for declaring and being who she is, but this is no reason to be silent and go unseen. The reality and The Truth are that her destiny is that she is to be seen and heard by The Collective who is fully aware of her.

This is not the case for all, if not most Archangels Incarnate. Most are meant to work quietly and are not ever guided to share with others who they truly are — if they are ever conscious of it in the first place. Most never awaken to the point to even begin to remember, let alone accept that they are, in fact — an Archangel.

There is a lot to say on this subject, and we will discuss it more in the future. However, what I truly want to discuss with you today is in relation to Infiniti and the process she has gone through to integrate with me, her Soul — me, Archangel Gabriel.

While each of you have a unique story and destiny, what is universal is the process of awakening, acknowledgement, integration, and assimilation. I do not mean generally, I am referring to that process being the case of many programs about your life, not just about your Soul.

It is also worth mentioning that not all who awaken spiritually are guided to pursue their Soul identification. For some, it will be like an itch they need to scratch, and will work hard, and be guided to that discovery, and the process of assimilation. However, for others this will never be something they spend much time on. Truly, it depends on the person, and their Soul — what they chose and what was needed of them in these lifetimes.

My message for you today is about your development. The tools and practices that will help you evolve and integrate with your Soul in whatever ways you are destined to.

If you have not yet read Archangel Metatron’s messages, please do so first before proceeding.

A Channeled Message From Archangel Metatron: I Am With You 12.12.2022

The Gate of The Great Awakening

As AA Metatron stated, we are in a time of great evolution for Humans and for GAIA. The 13:31 Gate of The Great Awakening is actively triggering your awareness, and in turn, your development is moving forward.

Your ability to receive and to connect to The All, to GAIA, to Us, to your ancestors, and all Spirit Guides & Guardians will be increasing by a noticeable, and measurable amount in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The entirety of 2023 will be one of Divine Essence upon GAIA, where the reflections and integrations of Divine Light! will be magnified and reflected through The Galactic Center from SOULce, Mother Father God, into The Sun of your SOULar System.

Much will transform about you, each of you — uniquely, which is endlessly fascinating for All. The fact remains, that what is universal is the need to work with yourselves in ways that cultivate your growth and allows for your ascension to transpire as smoothly as possible.

This is why I am here, to help make that happen for you in many different ways.

Today, I want to bring your attention to a couple of different subjects; the physical body and your creativity; however, it is important to recognize that they are connected they are from the beginning.

We are going to discuss your physical body first.

You may already be experiencing physical discomfort over the last couple of days, maybe a week or so. Possibly, it hasn’t begun yet for you yet; however, it is very likely that you will be feeling the pressure of The Gate of Great Awakening, along with the 12.12–12.22 Stargate. These powerful forces are working in conjunction and have been initiated since The Full Moon on 12.7.2022.

Assuredly, this, the 12th month of the year 2022 is the most potent for ascension, spiritual awakening, and The Abundance Matrix that you have ever experienced.

The physical symptoms can include feeling pressure, an internal pressure that feels like being bound around the torso, pushed on the top of the head, as well as in the throat areas.

Your joints and the muscles around those joints may feel moderately or extremely sore, as if you have done access stretching or exercise that you are now feeling.

Taking baths in salts, essential oils, salts, crystals is advised daily, or as much as you possibly can. Use high-grade CBD tinctures, oils, and lotions. Other plant medicines will help sooth and calm the physical body through your Light! Adjustments and integrations.

You may have a lot of energy at times, and then feel extreme fatigue that can come on suddenly. Your sleep may come quickly and deeply, but not last more than 5–6 hours. You may be staying up later, or waking up earlier.

Do your best to follow your body’s ques and our guidance. Rest when your body is tired, and be active when your body and mind are awake.

Your cravings for sugar may be increasing. However, this will not be for all sugars or the form it comes in. It is likely your body will not be attracted to heavy, starchy or high-carb sweet treats. Dark chocolate, sweet fruit, preserves, honey, and other sweet treats that are of a pure form will be appetizing.

Potatoes and other root vegetables may be a craving at this time due to its fiber, starch, and grounding effects.

The process your body is going through is taking up a lot of energy, burning calories. Naturally, the body craves more calories to burn! Be conscious of this, and give it what it wants while watching the balance of your diet across the board. Sensitivities to lower vibrational foods may be at an all-time high for you, so be aware of nausea and diarrhea as a result of this. If you experience these issues, especially after eating meat and dairy, discontinue use of these foods or ingredients and pay attention to the results.

Slowly add components to see what is making the most impact. However, the ability to process these foods may be a thing of the past for you, as your vibration rises it will reject the admittance of anything that would compromise the system. You, as the conscious human must align with this fact, or you will continue to experience digestive issues indefinitely.

You may have eye disturbances. Sensitivity to light, bouncing eyes, difficult to focus, or adjust, fatigue and the like are likely symptoms at this time as well. This is due to your Third Eye Chakra, your pineal gland being intensely stimulated and opening — taking in the Light! that is upgrading your system.

Give your eyes a rest as much as possible. Even if it is for 1 minute every 15–30. This will give your pineal glad a chance to reset and calibrate, and will also assist in reducing headaches. Look at sacred geometry to help you receive integrations and calibrate.

Your skin is sensitive to temperature, and is feeling energy, tingling, sharp pains, having break-outs, hives, welts, etc.

While the integration of Light! comes in, the body must process and absorb. It is very likely that your body will feel this process and react on the skin level. If you have breakouts, welts, hives, and other eruptions then it is a clear indication that you need to work with your energy to eliminate the abundance of negatively charged energy to make room for what is incoming.

Again, taking baths will greatly help with this and make sure for full potency that the water is extra hot, but not so hot that you cannot stay in it for at least 30 minutes comfortably. It is not meant to be torture, but to help you. However, work on increasing your tolerance to very hot water as this is the best way to effectively, and easily rid your body of negative energy.

Cord-cutting and resets, Reiki, meditation, being in the sun, and moon light, spending time in water like the ocean, lakes, rivers, etc., spending time with animals, using and working with crystals, and having deep shamanistic energy and Soul healing are all prescribed to help you.

When it comes to your creativity, it is important to allow the flow of creation to manifest. You may be inspired to write, to paint, to sing, to dance, or even to speak. The common thread is expression.

It is critical for you to express and create as guided. Make it a priority. Set time aside to do this. If you have been more of an artist than a writer, or more of a writer than an artist, then it is time to switch the balance. You may be feeling this already. Ideally, there is a balance to your creativity and outlet for your expression.

I want to encourage you to tell your story. Tell the story of your life, share your story of ascension — and how it has been for you thus far in your spiritual awakening journey.

Furthermore, not only are you guided to get it out of you — I want to emphasize that it is critical to share your story, your creations. Writing and posting on a platform such as Medium, or other channels that allow for your creative work to be seen that is in alignment with your energy will not only be good for your processes, but it will help others as well.

Review your work, read it again to remind you of what you have processed. Display your art so that you and others may see it and feel its energy, and the intent of the expression. Tell its story.

I, Archangel Gabriel carry the essences of Creativity in all forms, as such, Mother GAIA and I work very closely with Humanity to inspire you to be the creational beings you were always meant to be. We hope that now, in your ascension you will tap in, and work with us consciously.

We will inspire you to write, to paint, draw, sculpt and move in ways that give power to your expression and expansion. Call on us to help guide you and your creative process, or to organize your projects or thoughts. I will help you set aside fear of being expressive, and feeling exposed. Rather, I will inspire you, and help excite in sharing your expressions and creations.

We also, when the time is right, assist in the creation and process of gestation of the little ones who are growing within the wombs of mothers.

You are encouraged to call upon us both to work to help manage your energy, and that of your unborn child. Continue to do so once they are born, as they will be sensitive in body and spirit and need to be tended to energetically. We can help with that in various ways. Not only will we work through you and around you, but also guide you to the plant allies and human counterparts that are right for you. Your intention for this assistance in the life of your child is all that is required.

Lastly, I want to remind you to focus on the beauty in the world, and in your life. While there may be darkness, obstacles, injustices on every level of life and the interwoven stories of life, it is essential to focus on the beauty that is all around you.

Your intention to connect to those things in nature, and the world that are of a positive, uplifting charge versus those things that are heavy, chaotic, and disturbing. You have the choice to engage or disengage. I hope to inspire you to disengage from those things that cause your vibration to lower, to cause friction in your system.

This is the time, more than ever to remain as high vibrational as possible. To purge and detoxify your system, not engage with people, situations, or energy forces that will diminish your Life Force.

The cleaner your system, the better it will run, the higher it will climb, the more it will connect clearly, to be guided and receive the abundance and magic that it is meant to. Your conscious awareness and intent is the magic that allows for you to move forward and disconnect from The Material Matrix, and continue to connect deeper and deeper with The Abundance Matrix.

I am Archangel Gabriel, I thank you for being guided here, for receiving our messages. I am with you. I love you eternally.

It is not enough to see, or feel, or feel the unseen, but it is critical for the evolving human to express, to be seen.

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