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            offers the full spectrum of her gifts and abilities to help guide you on your journey.


Ascension Guide,
Generational Shaman:
In-between World Walker


Infiniti was born In Colombia,
Descendant of Medicine
Men & Women.

She has always incarnated as a Healer, Soul and Ascension Guide.

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Psychic Physical Empath

Psychic Physical

Infiniti Can Feel In Her Body The Physical Pain, Energy Issues & Emotional Blocks & Fears Exactly As They Present In Her Clients

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Distance Energy Healer

Distance Quantum
Energy Healer

Healing Clients & Their Animals

Worldwide From Her Forest Cottage in

The Mountains of Southern California

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Divine Channel &
High Council Member

Working Directly With Mother Earth

GAIA, The Archangels, Ascended

Masters & Personal Guides & Guardians

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Medical Medium

Medical Medium

Knowing Exactly What Is Needed To

Heal Her Clients Via Her Energetic

Diagnostic Abilities, Infiniti feels in her

body exactly what you feel in yours--

exactly how you feel it.

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Soul Connections with crossed over loved ones. 

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Fashion Art Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Girl in Fantasy Mystical and Magical Spring Garden.
Animal Communictor & Healer

Animal Communicator
& Healer

Consistently Exceeds Expectations In

Her Ability To Know Exactly What

Animals Need & How To Heal Them.

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Master Tarot & Oracle Reader

Master Tarot & Oracle Reader

Beyond Accurate & Utterly On-Point
The Oracle Calls Infiniti

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Astral Travel Meditations

Facilitator of Live & Recorded Events:
Channeling Astral Travel Guided Meditations &
Spirit Walks

Galactic Stargates, Portals & Planetary Connections

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Divinely Guided Many Media Artist

Pencil ✶ Watercolor ✶ Digital  
Mixed Media  ✶ Photography
Custom Pet & Spirit Animal Portraits

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Making                with INFINITI...


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"Working with Infiniti involves healing from a holistic perspective and empowerment on an incredibly high level, as well as first-class individual support. I've never worked with someone who is soooo real." ~LAETITIA

"With the help of Infiniti, Gaia, Archangel Raphael and all of the other spiritual beings I could feel the energies in every part of my body transform for the better." ~KAREN

"I have more energy, I am focused and not as much bothered by interruptions as I used to be. I am in charge of my food intake, and I am losing weight. I am much more decisive in what can go, and what may stay! I am so glad." ~DOOR

"I realized that Infiniti truly had the ability to heal with her advanced knowledge in healing energy." ~DAKOTA

"I have so much more clarity from the inside out! Understanding and feeling the release of some of that weight being lifted." ~ANGELA

"She is incredibly knowledgeable about so many different facets of spirituality and the spiritual world, from guides and guardians to distance healing to tarot and oracle cards to crystals and pendulums."  ~LIZ

"Her extraordinary psychic abilities that make you feel understood on a very deep and profound level." ~LAETITA

"The Evolve Now Program helped me understand and get a better idea of what has been going on in my life. It has helped shed many fears and further empowering me to take back control of my life.~VANESSA

Read their full testimonials here.
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The Healing to read even more testimonials.

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" I am always incarnated and divinely guided to work with those of you

that finds me again through this multidimensional,

magical, sacred connection here, in this timeline. 

We are SOUL FAMILY - Empaths, Lightworkers,

Earth Angels and Starseeds– meant to magnetize and reunite.

As a Generational Shaman/Other-World Walker, divine alchemist, creator and messenger,

I activate and maximize your Soul Connection and Life Force for

your ascension and spiritual awakening process by: 

  • ✶ Sparking your remembrance, acknowledgement, integration, and assimilation.

  • ✶ Self-directing, and facilitating multileveled distance quantum energy healing.

  • ✶ Energy transmutation.

  • ✶ Spirit-walk astral meditation.

  • ✶ Spiritual reconnections, including your crossed over loved ones and ancestors.

My purpose for being is to guide and work directly with

those of you who are ready to EVOLVE. "

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Your Evolution Begins Now

"Evolution takes courage, to step into the unknown, to recognize fears,

illusions and programming that needs to be dismantled.


My mission is to take the confusion, fear, pain and separateness away from the healing and ascension process, for my clients to have the best possible experiences because they have me with them, lighting the way as they evolve and  spiritually connect and awaken. 

I'm the best in the world at sending out my Soul Song to my Soul Family–The Major Players in the world who are ready to take the next step in their evolution. In the last life, in this one, and the next–

I’m here to guide my Soul Family from the darkness into The Light."  

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Infiniti Wishes

For you to be connected to yourself and the multiverse in the most magical ways possible.

For you to be activated to Evolve Now— and to see you experience the

multileveled embodiment of your higher awareness,

remembrance for your optimal health and wellness on all levels,

so you may live in peace.


Balance, flow and harmony always.

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Magic Lives Here

Find Your Spark With

Magical Offerings For Soul Family

All Programs, À La Carte Magical Moments, and Journey Plans
include recordings of each HEALING & MEETING session.

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