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How To Master Your Frequency To Create High-Level Timelines For Positive, Abundant Outcomes

Follow this checklist to connect to The Abundance Matrix.

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“I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.” Jim Morrison

The ebb and flow of energy and time is truly everything, and even though we may know that — our emotions and desires can negatively dictate outcomes — as the quote from Jim Morrison so perfectly describes.

Who doesn’t relate to that sentiment?

I’m here to help you sidestep those outcomes.

Why Energy & Timing Matter

Our desire or readiness for something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing or the right time for others who are involved, the collective, the world, the universe or yourself-even if you think or feel that it is.

Maybe it’s actually not.

We tend to get very upset and frustrated when things don’t go as planned when or how we want, sometimes forcing the issue or needing to control it in some way.

That is a basic Material Matrix conditional programmed way of being. What is the alternative? Tapping into your higher guidance and The Abundance Matrix.

The older we get, the more experiences we live through and the more we remember and discover ourselves through the process of spiritually awakening, we can see how the timing of things is SO important.

Having patience with yourself and others is key, understanding that things need to be in the right place in time for timelines to continue, or end or to be created takes a neutral stance. One with clear vision.

Passion is great, but what fuels that energy is the true recipe that will make or break anything.

I’ve witnessed people getting caught up in energies from either things getting delayed or from being triggered in a multitude of ways and then needing to do something about it right then.

That’s an indication of things being OUT OF BALANCE.

Often times it’s all about NOW. I have to deal with this NOW, I’m upset/unhappy and I have to burn this energy by creating drama about it NOW, I am not getting answers I want NOW, so I’ll push things around to make answers appear, I want you to know how I feel RIGHT NOW.

Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash

Creating A Better Moment Than “NOW”

Sure, we should live in the now, the now is truly what we have — BUT, BUT, BUT —

We design our NOW.

There is wisdom in waiting & NOT DOING ANYTHING.

There is peace in accepting that RIGHT NOW may not be the right time for you to do ANYTHING.

Especially if you’re feeling upset, overwhelmed or triggered.

Maybe it’s not the time to deal or change something, express yourself, to push, to force answers that may not be the ones you ultimately really want to hear.

Perhaps it’s the time to wait.

Shut up. Sit down. Examine yourself and your feelings, and don’t let anything from fear to rage push you into creating things that don’t need to be created.

Slow down. Breathe. Examine your energy, what’s going on with your frequency, what’s driving your thoughts and emotions? How's the overall energy & timing of things?

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The Frequency Check (list)

The following are the basic instructions for raising your frequency, getting in emotional and energetic control, and in tune with your inner and spiritual guidance.

  1. Slow down. Sit down. Get your spine straight, pull your shoulders back and take 10 deep breaths. “Collect yourself”. Think of the tension being transmuted as you take each new breath, and raising your vibration by 10 points for each breath. By the end you’ll have raised your vibration at least by double from where you started.

  2. Do you need a change in environment? A quick check-in with yourself. Don’t let “lazy” or “busy” dictate this answer. If the answer is yes… Go for a walk. Sit in the yard or the porch, etc., and look at nature in detail, or on the porch, go for a swim, a run, do some yoga for 20–30 minutes inside or outside. The idea is to move into a different space, and either move the body or make your mind focus on something entirely different.

  3. Listen or watch something that makes you laugh. Stay home/your room, and do it, or listen while walking or sitting outside, etc. Comedy sketches, comedian stand - up acts, funny shorts, etc. whatever you know makes you laugh. Laughter helps you to disperse negative energy. It’s healing.

  4. Once you have calmed down/collected yourself, tune in with your Guides & Guardians.

  5. Create a space where you can concentrate on yourself and your body. Ideally, you're alone, or somewhere alone and won’t be bothered.

  6. Ask them to come in close around you to help you clear energy, so you can think straight, and get clear, so you can receive guidance.

  7. Ask for help with the situation, for continued clarity about the person/people involved, for resources including the highest most magical timelines available, and clear information that can come in to help you manage this situation.

  8. Promise yourself that you will be patient and not act out of fear, anger, extreme happiness, triggers positive or negative. That you will wait until your guidance/intuition tells you how and when to act.

How To Connect To The Abundance Matrix

When your higher vibrational energy and waiting for the right time to act is the recipe for connecting to The Abundance Matrix, and your highest possible timelines.

This doesn’t mean to make a project out of every choice or experience, this means not to allow extreme emotions to create timelines that are ruled by lower level or out of balance emotions.

When we do that, we most always find that we will be repeating the event/circumstances, but we’re ultimately wasting our time. This process can repeat indefinitely throughout your life for all sorts of themes and journeys through archetypes as needed.

As needed means, as long as it takes for you to get your shit together, and not go on plugged-in programmed responses that keep you from evolving and continuing to spiritually connect and awaken.

To be clear, no one is responsible for managing your timelines and your levels of ascension besides you. You make all the key choices given how you process the energy, feelings, and desires for outcomes or control in various ways.

Much of the time, if not always, ruled by some form of FEAR until you fight this process enough to really begin not to be a fear-based individual.

Remember: you can be very aware, and spiritual, spiritually awakening and into the WOO-WOO, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not also mostly still programmed by FEAR. I see it ALL THE TIME, I see it in even the most well-renowned teachers, spiritualists, and guides.

They are themselves working from a fear-based position.

So, they teach and perpetuate even spirituality from a fear-based position, but it’s disguised and distracting enough to where most people don’t see it.

Cheat Code

Fear and Love are at opposite ends of the spectrum. So if you tune into what motivates your choices, and measure it from there it is an easy way to see exactly where your vibration is about it, and overall.

Ask yourself;

What is my motivation for doing/saying/acting/responding/reacting? Etc…

Sometimes it’s as typical and basic as your ego pushing you to get attention in some way (social media), rather than doing something truly productive, or truly loving for yourself, that actually matters. It doesn’t always have to involve anyone else really, it’s about you ultimately.

Your Intuition-Listen To Yourself

The last two weeks of my Fireside Lives tie right into this process. Two weeks ago, my show was about intuition and why it’s the most important thing to work with in your spiritual awakening and evolutionary process.

When you raise your vibration, you open up infinite doors to the highest possible outcomes.

When you work more with your intuition, you automatically upgrade, and evolve. As such, your clarity of having and asking for spiritual support and validation become increasingly enhanced, which by default raise your vibration, and the timelines that vibration is in alignment with.

This unplugs you from The Matrix, and it’s programming.

Remember, like The Matrix movies —

If you aren’t in control of you, then what is?

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Help Yourself Even More

This week, on my Fireside The Evolve Now Show Live with Infiniti, the topic of discussion was ORACLE CARDS.

I have showcased my use and encouraged the use of Oracle decks in many articles in the past as well.

I get into what exactly they are, the different types, which ones to get, when and how to use them, how to pull cards, and why I’m such a fan of Oracle Decks — because they help us get information that we really need in a straightforward way, and how they open up the door for higher level guidance.

Aside from the topic of Oracle Cards to help raise your vibration with higher level guidance, I facilitate a Spirit Walk Astral Guided Meditation to help you feel less trapped and controlled by challenges.

Check out the live replay on Fireside or YouTube:

It’s A Decision

The bottom line here is that all of this boils down to MASTERING YOUR FREQUENCY.

It takes true intention, commitment, self-control, and responsibility to decide to master your frequency. Otherwise, moments will come and go with you still working from that plugged-in matrix programming.

You have to make a declaration to yourself, with an open door policy for guidance to come to you, and that you’ll pay attention to help you master your frequency.

This is especially important when we’re in a Stargate, this is because the energies are on the extreme for creating, solidifying and dissolving timelines — in either side of the spectrum — positive or negative.

For more about Stargate’s and how we should be hyper aware of those times of each month and how to further manage your frequency and timelines. FYI, Stargate’s towards the end of the year are always more intense.

Watch the following video:

Originally posted on September 14, 2022


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