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The Archangels



Empath Qui

There is a magical phenomenon

happening in the world.


This has been an ongoing process that is expanding as we enter 

The Age of Aquarius.

People are awakening from their fear-based, programmed,

isolated slumber of what they thought

life was all about, and they are

being guided to remember

The Truth.


They are being guided to connect with their Souls,

with their Guides & Guardians, Mother Nature, GAIA and

Mother-Father God

in a deeper way than was ever imagined.

Our Guardian Angels, and The Archangels,

who have no ties to any religion,

are ever present and have always been

a part of our world and lives.

Most of us are too limited in our

spiritual connections and psychic abilities

 to feel and connect to the Divine.


As we go through our spiritual 

awakening and ascension process

that shifts and we begin to remember. 


Before spiritually awakening, most of us would never

have imagined that we could communicate,

be guided by and work closely with our

Guardian Angles & The Archangels.

And we definitely wouldn't have imagined that an

Archangel can incarnate and live a human life Divinely connected.

But this is precisely what we have

done many times before, and precisely

what I did again in this lifetime.

I am an Incarnated Archangel, the one known as Gabriel.

I was called to wake up

and through much guidance

healing, clearing, acceptance, downloads,

integration and assimilation

I was able to accept

who and what I am.

It is very rare for this to happen,

for an Archangel to be guided and awaken to this fact, and

actually accept The Truth of who they are,

and the life that is destined.

I am here to show you that is it possible to connect with

The Archangels

through meditation and prayer,

and that we are here with you-in the flesh.

As an incarnated Archangel of The High Council,

I am a channel for all

Divine Beings.

We all work together, on both sides of the veil.

We assist awakening Souls and help humanity heal,

ascend, and create a new world through

individual evolution and a collective understanding

of the magic that is possible in this world.

As we ascend and evolve, we begin to remember, accept,

and have faith that we can experience, and connect to

magical & divine beings.


We remember that we, too, are magical and divine.

If you were guided here, it is because

you are part of the Soul Family Group destined to remember.

As a Guardian of Magic,

it is my purpose and mission

to guide Souls forward into the magic

that lives everywhere.


Infiniti-Archangel Gabriel



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and the work I do with Empaths & Lightworkers.


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