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Seeking: An Empath Light Warrior: Apprentice 
Begin A Life-Changing Journey
With Infiniti

This is an expansive,

collaborative opportunity to partner

in a mutual energetic exchange to

benefit each other, my clients,

and The Collective of

Awakening Empath Light Warriors.


We help each other, and

humanity Spiritually Awaken,

pursue The Truth, and elevate

the collective consciousness

from the fear-based

Material Matrix.

Together, we fight in

The Spiritual War,

as Divine Incarnates,

working to elevate ourselves

and each other to

maximum potential and power.


We work constantly to eliminate

the influence of negative energy

that The Dark Side has

installed and propagated through us,

 keeping us weak, sick and

controlled in various ways.

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Welcome to a unique opportunity tailored for a

Divine Incarnate Light Warrior.

I am seeking an Empath Light Warrior ready for a transformative experience, diving into deep healing, spiritual guidance, and collaborating in my sacred business.

Embark on a profound journey with me, Angelic Incarnate, Generational Shaman, Psychic Physical Empath, Divine Channel Medium, Medical Medium Messenger, Soul Guide, Quantum Distance Healer, Diviner Seer, and Oracle.


My path is dedicated to guiding Empath Light Warriors

toward consciousness elevation, aligning with

their Souls and Sole Purpose.

Together, we're committed to elevating human consciousness, shifting timelines, and contributing to the ascension of Mother Earth GAIA into

The New Earth Paradigm.

My mission is to guide Empath Light Warriors to awaken, heal, connect with their Souls, Guides, and Guardians, manifesting a clear path forward. Our initiatives span group programs, live events, channeling, writing, video creation, workshops, podcasts, Divine art, astral-guided Spirit Walks, and

intensive work with private and group clients.

As my assistant, partner, and apprentice, you'll be deeply engaged in personal one-on-one client work, intense healing, energy work, channeling, divination, weekly meetings, and Ascension guidance. Simultaneously, you'll be integral to my day-to-day operations, supporting all facets of my work.

This journey offers profound personal programs crafted exclusively for the chosen apprentice. While expansive and magical, it requires readiness for personal growth and evolution, preparing for a significant up-leveling in 2024.

I seek a stable, resilient candidate prepared for the intense light work involved, where psychic, energetic, and spiritual challenges may arise. Our work operates within a Spiritual War, demanding stability, unity, and intentional

high-vibration living.

Reliability, responsibility, open communication, trustworthiness, and strong psychic and energetic capabilities are non-negotiable. I'm seeking someone well beyond the novice stage, established in personal healing, evolution, and spiritual grounding. 

This person is looking to profoundly level up energetically, spiritually, and in all aspects of their lives after having done a lot of initial healing, and spiritual work already. 

Our journey begins with a single step towards profound evolution—a call to join me in this transformative and collaborative journey where we are

called to be a part of, and guide 

others on their path.

I am seeking a true partner in my life's work and willing to be your personal Guide through healing, ascension, and evolution, I'm here for your brightest shine in this new age of consciousness.

If you resonate with these qualities and feel prepared for this transformative journey, ready to collaborate, learn, and exponentially grow as an Awakened Empath Light Warrior: Apprentice, review the details below and apply by filling out the application form via the button below or clicking HERE.


Apply without delay and subscribe to my website

for crucial updates.

Infinite Love & Blessings,


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Infiniti Is Seeking:

An Empath Light Warrior

Someone eager for a transformative apprenticeship, passionate about spiritual guidance and business collaboration.

Dedicated to Personal Evolution

Committed to aligning with their Soul's purpose, raising their consciousness, and rebirthing themselves. 

Skilled and Versatile

Capable of engaging in diverse online initiatives—groups: private & public, live events, writing & editing, video creation & editing, podcasting, promotion & marketing,

and more.

Ready for Deep Engagement

Willing to work intensely in both for their ascension process & the ascension process of this sacred space & the clients who are guided here.

Resilient & Stable

Prepared for rapid personal growth and evolution, especially in handling intense energies and potential opposition, psychic attack, challenging cosmic events, etc.

Reliable and Responsible

Able to communicate openly and maintain trust while possessing strong energetic/high vibrational states, psychic awareness and energetic sensitivities &  capabilities.

Experienced and Grounded

Beyond the novice stage, having engaged in profound self-work, connected with Spiritual Guides, and experienced multiple

paradigm shifts.

Comfortable & Values Boundaries

Maintains strong boundaries, and does not have toxic relationships in their current timelines. 

You Are:

Prepared for Transformation

Ready to collaborate, learn, and grow exponentially in this transformative journey

as an apprentice.

A True


A fellow light warrior, poised to shine brighter in this new age of consciousness. Having a sense of ownership in the success of Infiniti's missions and this collaboration.

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Infiniti Is Offering:

Guidance and Mentorship

Providing guidance and mentorship, aiding in your continued awakening, healing, and alignment with

your soul's purpose.

Holistic Learning Environment

Creating a holistic learning environment through diverse online initiatives such as group facilitation, live events, writing, video creation, podcasts, and more to be part of.

Extensive Engagement

Ready for deep one-on-one work spanning months,

intense healing, energy work, channeling, divination, and Ascension guidance.

Collaborative Journey

Walking alongside the apprentice in their rapid evolution, supporting them in ascending to new heights in their personal growth and spiritual journey.

Intense Light Work

The opportunity to engage in intense light work, navigating potential opposition and challenges psychically, energetically, and spiritually.

Freedom and Trust

Operating without micromanagement, fostering an environment built on trust, open communication, and mutual respect.

Advanced Development

Facilitating the apprentice's journey beyond the intermediate stage, aiding in their profound self-work, spiritual grounding, and paradigm shifts.

Comfortable & Values Boundaries

Maintains strong boundaries, and does not have toxic relationships in their current timelines. 

Infiniti Will:

Foster Transformation

Assist the apprentice in their transformational journey, nurturing collaboration, learning, and exponential growth.

Guide as a Collaborator

Act as a true collaborator, navigating this new age of consciousness together.

If you are so guided to pursue this position,
please click the button below.

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