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The Magical Path That Will Heal You & The One Thing Medicine Ignores, By Infiniti


Photo By Infiniti

“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


This is a letter to the ones who already see, and the ones who can be shown.

The ones who are meant to search for a different path to their healing and wellness, for a life free of pain. This is for the ones who know and believe in the unseen, the ones who know that they aren’t meant to do this alone.

This is for the ones who feel energy more than they understand, and know that magic is real, even if they’ve been separated from it.

This is for the ones who are on a magical path, even if they are still on aware.


What Medicine Ignores

From the first-person perspective, being deeply connected to the medical industry as a patient–I can tell you that it needs a revolution. The entire establishment needs to take off their blinders, their blindfold to the big, fat elephant in the room. The fact that they are missing it. Missing the answer to literally all the questions.

Or are they? At this point, I really don’t think that they are, they are just IGNORING IT.


I used to think that they were ignorant. But you know what ignoring something and being ignorant to something is? 3 letters.

They are ignoring the fact that it’s our LIFE FORCE, our ENERGY, that is disrupted when anything bad happens to the body. Whether it’s an injury, or an illness, a poison, or something we’re born with.

It’s an energy that’s in our system that is forcing us to react in the various ways that we react. Isn’t it interesting that everyone has different reactions and problems, illnesses and diseases, conditions–whether they are physical, or mental–but at the same time there are many people who suffer in the same ways, have the same illnesses.

The truth of the matter is that bodies are machines, they run on energy. We know that, it’s basic. So if we run on energy, it would be safe to assume that if we have a problem in our system, that there’s also problem with ENERGY in our system.

We are a bio-machine. We run a highly complex system of energy in various and nearly infinite levels and layers within itself, over and over again. All of it is run on energy.

I Lived It To Learn It

I always had an issue with energy, but I didn’t know it. No one knew it, and that’s my point. It’s pretty basic, but unseen, and unexplained if no one knows the language, or refuse to acknowledge it.

I suffered for nearly 40 years in my body, finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 25, and all that did was put a name on what I was experiencing my entire life–utter hell.

I had no idea that I was so energetically sensitive, that I was literally feeling the people and the animals around me, and not only that–the collective, the world. SERIOUSLY. Seriously? Yeah, seriously.

I can feel in my body exactly what you feel in your body as you’re feeling it, and it’s not like my body tells me that what I’m feeling is yours, I just naturally mimic in my body what you’re feeling. Just like a mirror. I get all sorts of information to help me, and you understand what’s happening in your body. But for forever I had no idea I was doing that, and it’s not just isolated to one person, it’s constant with everyone, and proximity doesn’t matter, connection does.

I could be closer to someone with a backache but more energetically connected to someone with a headache who is miles away, and I may quite well feel the pain in my head more than my back. Why?

Again, ENERGY. The charge, the vibe, the frequency, the connection is all a factor. Predispositions & What Aging Really Is

What is predisposition to an illness?

It is having the seed of energy in your body that can sprout that experience, if you push on the correct buttons. Pushing those buttons is directly related to the amount of negative energy within your body, literally, pushing on the levers that will activate the gears that will make your body do what your family members experienced before you–set off the sirens in the body to tell you that you are overloaded with negative energy.

It doesn’t matter exactly what the problem is, it is all the same thing–negative energy. If you eliminate the negative energy, you eliminate the problem.

Because someone like me has been on both sides of this, once being so sick with negative energy, and then cleaning it out, and being able to tap into the purpose of what and who I am, someone who is a living diagnostic for other people–so I can help eliminate their negative energy, teach them how it works, how their body uniquely responds, and what to do to maintain and keep it running at the maximum Life Force power.

The alternative is using your Life Force, depleting your battery–the one that is directly connected to the timeline of your life. Once the battery is dead–so are you. And there are things that deplete it more and things that charge it up.

Once you are fully charged, you go into Hyper-Life-Force status, when your entire body starts aging in reverse because there is no decay happening. Your body eliminates the signs of aging because you’re THAT HEALTHY ENERGETICALLY, so your skin, bones, joints, stamina, libido, thought functions and creativity, and so much more all go into a status of HYPER HEALTH.

Instead of a day being a day in your timeline it becomes a minute, a year becomes less than a week. Aging isn’t a reflection of time–it’s a reflection of LIFE FORCE & YOUR ENERGY. Period. Is there a single doctor who has ever uttered those words, has ever explained it like that, who would even know how to accomplish such a thing with their patients? Nope.

But I do, and I can, and I have, and I will.

Not only that, but as a person’s Life Force improves, and gets to a point where it is so high, their spiritual connections, their innate Empath abilities to perceive, connect and communicate with their Guides & Guardians comes online–permanently, and only gets stronger and stronger. All the questions get answered, with you, for you, by you being more aware, and by me translating and teaching you the language of your body, your Soul and your Spirit Connections.

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on UnsplashThe

Magic of Knowledge I begin with many people not even knowing what they are–an Empath, and in most cases–a sick Empath, a depleted, tired, confused Empath. In just a few short months, their lives are forever and complete changed. Their bodies reborn, their energy refreshed, their excitement for life renewed and their sense of purpose and stability in their authenticity, and their feeling of being loved, supported and empowered is their very essence.

I suppose you could say that it’s magical. It is. It’s also miraculous, and beautiful and exactly how it was always meant to be.

This is the story of humanity. Humanity being led astray from themselves because of their power, because of what they can embody and create in the world when fully charged, and connected.

Lost, confused, angry, broken, in pain and nearly ready to give up–humanity is grasping for the understanding to life, and to why things are the way they are. Some begin to ask themselves, ask into the darkness, why? What is the meaning, the purpose to my pain, to the pain and suffering of so many people? Why is it all about the material, when I can see and feel beyond that, but it’s impossible to reach?

Many find themselves at the edge of a dark forest, knowing they were instinctively led there.

A Magical Healing Journey You know it’s a magical forest and that you must enter to escape the world and the pain you were living in, to fully awaken to The Truth, and to who you are meant to be.

But it’s nighttime, it’s dark, there’s no compass, no GPS, no map, just the light of the Full Moon. In to the darkness you must go–something tells you if you do, in faith–you’ll have the answers to many questions, you will be pain-free, you will heal, you’ll live in a life full of abundance, and peace, and you know it will be magical.

Into the dark forest you go–faithfully–you’ll make it, you’ll get through. The world you try to leave behind seems to chase you, the sounds you don’t recognize seem to want to push you back out.

The things you see are difficult to explain, and all you can do is wish for some help, some light, some direction, someone to take you through to the dark magical forest, to lead you through the uncertainty, to whisper in your ear that you are on the right path, and that you are loved and supported and that everything is exactly how it should be.

You’re wishing for your Faerie Godmother, and your wish has been granted-because here we are. You and me.

Hi, I’m Infiniti, your Faerie Godmother, and I will lead you through this magical journey, through this dark forest, I will shine my light, and both quickly and slowly — I will teach you, show you, guide you, you will heal and connect, and you will learn to shine your light more and more until you don’t need me anymore. Flying into your future, knowing The Truth of yourself, your purpose and better aligned with your Soul than you can imagine.

By then, you’ll be out of this dark magical forest of uncertainty, and well on your way to your dream life, there’s no possibility of any other timeline if we work together.

You’re more magical than you even can dream of right now, and I know that you feel it within you. That spark, that fire, that passion for your Story and the Story of Humanity.

You are a Light Warrior, and each time you’ve embodied who you were meant to be, I was there with you, just as I am now, Infiniti-Your Faerie Godmother. This is why you found me, this is why I look and sound and feel familiar, this is why you trust me and know I already love you.

We are Soul Family, you and I. We were always meant to be a team. We have always been a team.

A Soul Family Mission What’s different is that in this life we are going to create magic that is so powerful, more powerful that ever, and we will light up the world, you and me, and the rest of the beautiful Souls that are meant to reunite with me and you. We will fulfill our destinies, we will work with GAIA to see us all through to our New World.

We all want the same thing. Love to rule and hate to fade away into nothing until it’s transmuted into love again. Peace to reign and divide and separation to be seen as what it is–an illusion.

For humanity to transcend, and for a level of evolution to take place that changes the timelines of the entire collective.

We all want the same thing. That’s why we’re both here, you and I. We have already begun to work on it together, for a long time, in past lives, and we reunite to continue to work, and this time more potently than ever because we have technology to connect us.

You can be across the world, and I’m here in my little cottage in the forest, literally–and we can be connected, and work together and amplify our energy across GAIA and creation to create a different reality for you, and for the world. As we heal one, we heal all.

We, you and me, are major players in this game–and I’m so excited to get to play with you again.

With Love, Always & Forever,

Your Faerie Godmother, Infiniti


About Infiniti

As The Faerie Godmother to my clients–my reunited Soul Family — I show them that anything is possible. I provide the space and path to Evolve Now, and they innately have faith in my high-level divine connections, my magic and my WOO.

They dive into that sacred, supportive and loving space that only Soul Family, one who knows them from many lifetimes, can provide.

Through my shamanic spirit connections, and in-between world walking, my direct link to Mother-Earth GAIA — I know exactly what the necessary tools are needed to assist each individual who is guided to me, to activate and embody who they are truly meant to be through connecting and healing the inextricably linked components of the whole — mind, body, spirit–energy.

I send out my Soul Song to my Soul Family–The Major Players in the world who are ready to take a big leap in their evolution while eliminating pain, fatigue, feeling lost and stuck, confusion, chronic conditions — all while getting closer to aligning with their Soul, and Guides & Guardians.

In the last life, in this one, and the next–I’m here to guide my Soul Family from the darkness into The Light.



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