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How To Make The Ultimate Divinely Magical, Positive Energy & Protection Tonic Spray

Eliminate negative energy and maintain your frequency with this homemade tonic.

Have you ever felt like you wish you could light up a smudge stick in a store, at the office, while you’re at a friend or family member’s house?

Have you ever wanted to light up a smudge stick at home because someone is visiting, and you really feel like dispersing some negative energy because you were feeling overwhelmed, but you weren’t comfortable lighting it?

Well, your Faerie Godmother, Infiniti is here with the perfect solution to keep your energy field clear and LIT UP with this protection spray.

You’re welcome! Actually, I want to thank my client JT for reminding me/inspiring me to show her the one I made a while back and was guided to give her the recipe.

Given that I just threw it together as I was guided the first couple of times I made it — I had to really think about it.

When I did, I got an even BETTER recipe! I cannot wait to make this version.

Combining the best protective, grounding and clearing herbs, salt, essential oils, crystals, and Angelic Light to cleanse your aura and energy.

This tonic will raise your vibration, keep your energy up, your field cleared and stable. You’ll feel motivated, safe, protected and loved.

This is also the perfect smoke-free solution in place of a smoking smudge stick, and you can take it anywhere with you and have multiple bottles around the house/office. Just don’t leave it in your car or anywhere too hot.

Examples of times to use this tonic: -You are sharing space with a known negatively charged person or a narcissist. -You are in a space you aren’t usually in, like hotels, rental homes, or hospitals. -You just had a negatively charged situation or experience. -You feel energetically depleted/depressed/heavy/stressed/unmotivated. -You feel negative energy/entities/spirits around you/the space you are in. -You are feeling extra hot with temperature/hormones/energy.

More Uses -Spray over your bed before you go to sleep. It will literally clear the air/energy around your bed and help you relax and get good rest. -Spray around your house after your usual smudging rituals, this will maximize the effects of the smudging you did.

This Is The Best Protection Tonic Spray-Because I say so!

There are many recipes out there for protection solutions/tonics — however, I cannot help to be partial to this one that I channeled directly from The High Council-most specifically, Mother Earth GAIA herself.

So…Yeah, this recipe comes from the highest of Divine authorities to get you the best recipe for a protection tonic — however, this one does SO much more than protect, as mentioned above.

Try to make it as close to the instructions as possible, but if you are without any component, do not let that stop you! Make it as close as you can-but the important thing is to make it and use it!

Not only are there so many perfect ingredients — it blew my mind as I was guided to them and researched each component.

It even incorporates instructions for connecting with your Guardian Angel and The Archangels, and how to infuse it with their angelic light. There really isn’t a box that wasn’t checked in this recipe. Expect to love it.

The great part is that you can make it your own with the combination of essential oils that are recommended.

Play Time! You can make double or multiple batches, keep at least one in the refrigerator. You can split your batch and have different combinations of essential oils. Get a set of bottles and create different versions.

Read through the entire instructions before beginning. You will need:

A fine mist spray bottle, an apothecary (blue or brown glass) bottle, is best. 1.5 cups water 2 Organic Chamomile Tea Bags 1/2 cinnamon stick 1-inch piece of Palo Santo 2 tablespoons of the sea or pink salt 3–5 Sage leaves — dried or fresh (you can use sage from a smudge stick) 2–3 Bay leaves-dried or fresh

1 tablespoon of dried or 3 tablespoons of liquid Witch hazel or THAYER'S Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula. (Banish unwanted emotions and to remove hexes, dis-ease, and general negativity.)

Essential Oils: 5–10+ drops of any combination or single one of these oils: sweet peppermint, lavender, rose, rosemary, eucalyptus, cedar, clove, lemon. For the cloves, you can use whole, dried cloves instead of essential oil. Use 3–5 pieces. 1 teaspoon of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol

Crystals: Clear and sun charge all crystals for at least 2 hours , use 1–2 cm pieces of 1–3 pieces of all or as many as you can of the following crystals:

-Black Tourmaline-protection, grounding, safety -Selenite-clearing (it will eventually dissolve — that’s ok) -Clear Quartz-charging -Amethyst-protection, transmutes energy from negative to positive energy -Shungite-protection, grounding -Smokey Quartz-shielding, protection, grounding

1 large, palm-sized Clear Crystal Quartz, Celestite, Aqua Aura, or Angelite crystal.

Make Your Mist: The Directions First — make sure you’re making this with a positive vibe, and good intentions. Don’t think about all the bad, and negative in the world you need protection from. This is a project on self-care and self-love.

All the ingredients are brought together to create a tonic that will soothe you, and lift you up while showering you in Divine Light. Think of how amazing that is, and what that will feel like.

Smile, sing, and put on music that makes you happy and wants to dance.

Open up and call in your Guardian Angel, and The Archangels, and all/any of your Guides & Guardians that you wish. Think of your family members who crossed over, your ancestors, your Spirit Animals, your Galactic Family.

Know that they think of you, too — and are with you always.

Dance with The Fae, tap in with The Mer, connect with The Unicorns, call in The Dragons and remember your Soul and how every time you take care of yourself like this, you get closer and closer to yourself, your evolution, and your Soul because you are intentionally creating a space for yourself in any situation to maintain your frequency — and that is magical.

Of course, it’s not that you can’t do it without this tonic — of course you can — but, this will help — and we can always use as much help as possible, right? OK, let’s do this!

Add the tea bags to the 1.5 cups of hot water and bring water to a boil, then simmer. Add all leaves and salt and the 1/2 cinnamon stick.

Add dried Witch Hazel. If using liquid Witch Hazel, add after the solution is cooled. Cover and simmer for 20 min.

Take off the heat and let it cool. You can transfer it to a mug and refrigerate it. Once cool/cold transfer to the bottle.

Essential oils: Add your favorites, and experiment with adding 1 additional drop at a time of each new kind. Shake and smell as you go. Don’t exceed 15 drops in total. Add liquid Witch Hazel if you didn’t use dried Witch Hazel. Add alcohol (keeps it bacteria free) Add your cleared, charged crystals. Shake, shake, shake.

Angel Activation — Set your space:

NOTE: If you have a Light Gate, please set yourself up in it for this last part. Or go outside, preferably sit/stand in the sunlight — if that’s what feels right, and connect to your gate remotely.

If you do not have a Light Gate, go to your usual sacred space where you meditate, or where you feel the most comfortable. This can be outside in the sunlight. (We created our Light Gates for the 2.22.2022 Galactic Stargate, click here for that article.)

Light a candle, or 3, or more!

Listen to a 963hz OR 1111hz healing frequency song. Whichever resonates for you at the time. There are many on YouTube to chose from.

Sit in a meditative state, deep breathing and stabilizing yourself for at least 3 minutes. Connect to your body and Life Force.

Hold the bottle in your right hand, hold the palm sized clear crystal Quartz (or other crystal named above) in your left hand.

Put your hands together, so the crystal is touching the bottle. Call in your Guardian Angel, and The Archangels.

Ask them to send their Divine Light to you and your Clear Quartz Crystal, and from your crystal to your bottle.

See the light take over the bottle, and settle into the crystals in the bottle.

See yourself using the LIT UP spray and misting the solution around yourself and your space.

Thank them for helping you create your magical protection spray. All done!

Enjoy your divine and magical tonic spray as much as possible. This solution should last for several months but check it every so often to make sure it’s still fresh, especially if you haven’t used it in a while. *Don’t leave in the sun. *Shake each time before using. Want Your Own Light Gate? The opportunity to create your own Divine Light Gate is coming very soon with The Lion’s Gate Event.

It’s a 5-week Soul Journey beginning on 7.8.2022, and culminating on The Lion’s Gate, 8.8.2022 with an online live event.

The Lion’s Gate event details will be published very soon! Subscribe to my Medium articles, as well as my website’s email, so you don’t miss the article and announcement.

About Infiniti

I am Infiniti, Incarnate for The Divine Archangel Gabriel, as such, I am a Channel and Vessel for Mother Earth GAIA, all The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Fae, Unicorn, Mer, Galactics, and Spirit Animals.

Together, we, The High Council, heal, guide and enlighten humanity to The Truth of how spirituality connected and infinitely powerful you are.

As your Real-Deal “Faerie Godmother”, I am always incarnated and divinely guided to work with those of you that find me again through this multidimensional, magical, sacred connection here, in this timeline.

We are SOUL FAMILY — Empaths, Lightworkers, Earth Angels and Starseeds– meant to magnetize and reunite.

As a Generational Shaman/Other-World Walker, divine alchemist, creator and messenger, I activate and maximize your Soul Connection and Life Force for your ascension and spiritual awakening process by:

  • Sparking your remembrance, acknowledgement, integration and assimilation

  • Self-directing, and facilitating multileveled distance quantum energy healing

  • Energy transmutation

  • Spirit-walk astral meditation

  • Spiritual reconnections, including your crossed over loved ones and ancestors.

Your lit up Soul will connect you to your highest possible timelines that have always been waiting. Your true destiny.

My purpose for being is to guide and work directly with those of you who are ready to EVOLVE.

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