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How To Identify & Eliminate Narcissists: A New Assessment Quiz

An essential tool for Empaths.

One of the most important things to understand and deal with as an Empath is that we attract narcissists. It is definitely a thing.

Not only do we attract them in life, but some of us are born into families with them as our parents, siblings, or other family members, which makes this so difficult and complicated.

Living a life being gas lit and abused in various ways alters our essence, and perception — and that is the point.

I’ve been guided to help fellow Empaths by creating an assessment quiz to help you determine if that friend, coworker, lover, or family member is one. Your assessment will hold your place if you have to step away.

Click here for the assessment

In this article and the video below, I tell you how to eliminate them.

In this video, I get into exactly what this phenomenon is about — the fact that at our core — Empath’s and narcissists are the same, and like attracts like.

This doesn't imply that Empaths are narcissists, but rather that narcissists are truly Empaths. They were born an Empath, however due to some sort of childhood trauma (typically ongoing) and the fear energy that created opened the door for an energetic parasite to come into, and use the child as a host.

This allowed the parasite to control the perception, emotions, energy, and behavior of the child.

You may be thinking that it sounds like possession. And you’re right. What most people don’t understand is that there are many forms and degrees of what we know of as possession.

The fact is that the world is filled with people who are possessed to various degrees by parasitic attachments of various strengths. The Narcissist parasite — what I refer to as The Puppet Master — is one tick away from the strongest and most prevalent, which I get into at the end of this article.

They aren’t like us humans — we live off and thrive from positive energy, a positive Life Force. Puppet Master parasites live off negative energy. This is why they are attracted to the fearful child in the first place. A child in fear is a frequency that attracts Puppet Masters.

While it isn’t a given that every child who is abused, or living through ongoing trauma will open up to one of these parasites — but most do. Especially if their abuser is their parent, and also has a Puppet Master parasite. Because not only are they primed for this takeover through what they are experiencing, but they are learning the behaviors of a narcissist, and resonating with it in their own way — learning how to be a narcissist.

I clearly remember the moment in my childhood when I was around 6–7 years old when I felt a presence very close to me. It was angry and dark — asking me if I wanted revenge. It asked me if I wanted to be strong and take care of myself since my mother was so mean and my father was unable to protect even himself from her, let alone me.

I had already been communicating with Angels, and Archangels and I knew what they felt like — however this was nothing like that. I felt a battle of sorts, but this parasite and I were in a vacuum, or at least it felt like it.

I remember fighting with my desires for the power it described — it would help me to be strong and not allow her to hurt me. I wanted what he was offering, but I knew that I couldn’t take it. Yet, it felt like smelling something delicious when you’re starving. The desire was overwhelming.

Photo by Kylo on Unsplash

However, the energy that surrounded us, and the messages that were coming through, were stronger — they told me that to be kind was who I was. To love and be nice, to be a good person. Not to be a liar, not to make people do things (I didn’t know what manipulate meant).

I remember that I had a choice to make. It was literally to go to the dark side or to stay in The Light. Obviously, I chose The Light. But most children aren’t aware of what exactly is happening, how real it is, how they are at the center of a spiritual battle — and many decided to leave fear behind and become strong in that way.

And, of course — it’s really impossible to blame them for it. At their core, they are the most sensitive humans, but they have been hurt and then possessed. That is The Truth.

They would never believe they are possessed. Even if you point out the many and countless times they felt out of control. Because that is the definition of possession — not having control over yourself.

While as an abused child all we want is control, to stop the pain and the abuse —and the one thing that comes through is to shift that pain into power — but in a very dark way.

The Puppet Master, once firmly stationed within the child, lives with it forever, teaching the child how to be selfish, angry, compulsive, abusive, addictive and mostly how to create and feed off negative energy.

Because they are Empaths, they will crave the high vibes of other Empaths. However, eventually (usually within a 4–8 weeks), their Puppet Master will turn that connection into darkness, creating negative energy within the Empath.

This will feed the narcissist the most potent negative energy there is — fellow Empath Energies. Besides Empaths, they go after children and animals. It’s when high-vibrational beings feel fear or sadness. That’s the energy that narcissists most crave.

After Empaths, the most high-vibe beings are the innocents — animals and children. Therefore, this is why all child and animal abusers are narcissists.

I highly encourage you to watch the video, where I go into much more detail about this process.

I mentioned that it can take 4–8 weeks for a narcissist to begin to turn things over to The Puppet Master; however, it is important to understand that this can happen quickly as well — especially when you come online and have awakened spiritually- and are aware of what Puppet Master’s are, and phenomena.

Not only that, but I’ve personally seen what would have, and used to take weeks or months to 0ccour. It is now taking just a few hours or a day to happen with some narcissists that I have crossed paths with since I’ve come into this awareness.

Because my frequency has raised, my awareness and my spiritual connections make me so hyper aware of what is going on with others, they cannot hide from me.

My frequency calls them out of the shadows, the Puppet Master can no longer hide like it is used to and is completed to throw down the mask and show themselves.

Of course, this is not a pleasant experience.

It is filled with drama and chaos, and of course the person who is out of control is experiencing things more intensely than they ever do.

What is usually a slow burn into their perception and needs changing, it happens drastically and all at once. There is confusion and anger — typically lots of it. And often, it doesn’t take much, but a little pushback and boundaries being established to trigger it to go off into big-time panic mode.

The good thing is that the timeline has collapsed and greatly reduced, so you are experiencing what would have happened over the course of months, into days or even hours.

If this happens, it’s an indication that your frequency and awareness have leveled and — congratulations — no more narcissists for you! They just cannot be who they are around an aware and connected Empath.

Eliminating Narcissists

One more thing I want to discuss is that you can bypass the person and deal directly with the Puppet Master.

This is when you know a person is a narcissist.

If they are, then they have this Puppet Master parasite, and it is conscious and works independently of the person they are connected to.

From that understanding, you can speak to it directly. Of course, you cannot and should not acknowledge the Puppet Master aloud, as this will upset and confuse the person. They don’t know they are possessed, at least not consciously, and it will ruin this exercise to say the least.

You have to telepathically communicate with it.

The purpose of doing this is to let the invisible parasite know that you are aware of their existence and what they are doing to the person, and what they are trying to do with you.

Focus your attention to the head and shoulders of the person. The parasite is attached through the spinal cord with tendrils that wrap around the and connect to each chakra through the spinal cord and neurological system.

They have long skinny arms and legs and literally ride the person like a piggyback ride! The head, around the person's head, can move from left to right or on top of the head.

They are dark, charcoal black/gray and approximately 2–3 feet long.

Their energy is negative, there is no light whatsoever.

They live off the negative energy of the person, and the negative energy they make the person create through their behavior, but they are always emitting negative energy because of the parasite — no matter what.

Now, on to the powerful part. WARNING! Once you do this, know that the person, and its puppet master WILL exit the area quickly and possibly permanently. Good!

This is the goal. To make the narcissist get away from you is by them WANTING to get away from you. They won’t understand why they suddenly don’t want to be around you, are angry with you, hate you, etc.

You have called out their parasite and that parasite is EXPOSED. Something they are NEVER, EVER used to being. This is a major problem for them, and they will want to get away from you and stay away from you, evoking a perception in the person telling them you are BAD.

They will create false stories to support this feeling. Your job is to witness. Don’t engage any more than you have to.

Once you tune in to the parasite, keep it short and sweet. Don’t be angry because that’s what it wants! Don’t feed it. Just acknowledge it at first.

Tell it that you know it’s there, and you do not give permission to take your energy. You know what it’s doing and how it’s controlling the person it’s attached to.

Then it’s time for the true magic…


Love is the great neutralizer. It’s the great healer. It’s the unifying and force of creation.

Our Souls are LOVE LIGHT ENERGY, regardless of what Soul Essence Origin you have. Sure, our frequencies, Soul Song/Prints are different. Each Merkaba is like a unique fingerprint.

My frequency is different from yours, but that is besides the point — LOVE is the LIFE FORCE ENERGY our Souls are connected to when we incarnate.

LOVE is more powerful than FEAR or ANGER or any negative charge, and therefore is how we heal and clear.

Love and faith heals, fear and sadness sickens.

While most people thrive and live off LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY, the narcissist has been restructured by the parasite to thrive, crave and live off negative energy.

In this instance, by sending LOVE to the person, you are not giving what the parasite needs, and therefore what the person needs.

By sending LOVE, you are confusing the process. Firstly, the parasite hates being seen and acknowledged. The same way a conman would! They never want to be found out and when they are, so they disappear.

It is important to really tap into your Soul and to the person’s Soul. That is where you can bypass the human, the personality, their bullshit and horrible behavior that makes you go bonkers and feel the essence of what is real. Their Soul. Your Soul.

From that Soul - Soul connection you can sincerely, authentically send love. It must be like this, or it won’t work. You shouldn’t try to do it when they are going off on you, gaslighting you because it’s just that much harder to separate your human emotions from your thoughts. You can try, it can work, but to make it easier on you, do it when things are more quiet or neutral.

Talk to the parasite, let them know you know they are there, and then tap into the person, the soul, their inner child and send them love.

Hope, wish, pray with your LOVE LIGHT that they are one day healed from their parasite.

That the shifts in consciousness on the planet will help them understand that they are not sovereign they are not in control, they are taken over and used. Like a slave for their energy, and you want them to feel your love and may it help them, sooth and comfort them in their confusion and possession.

Etc. Etc.

Witness the person. You may see them get triggered or suddenly agitated, confused, angry, tired, hungry, etc. Whatever the parasite can do to disrupt the current influx of LOVE energy will be activated.

Try not to engage with the person as much as possible. Allow them to leave. Continue to send love to them. Know that you’ve done this for the good of all involved. That on some level, you have triggered a shift, a crack, and if it is the person’s destiny to overcome this parasite, they will be lead to THE LIGHT.

So be it, and so it is.

Next-Level Possession

This article would be incomplete if I didn’t touch on the other, more potent parasite.

In some rare instances, a human CAN be possessed by a parasite so powerful that it takes all LOVE & LIGHT and assumes the identity of the person and has complete control, they are true darkness, evil creatures. Most would call them demons.

To me, they are another brand of parasite.

Unable to do much of anything if they are not in a body.

However, sometimes the abuse of a person, or the circumstance is SO intense, there is a fracture in the consciousness that is so profound that this type of parasite can get in.

They outmatch the Puppet Master, and win the fight to control the human.

And almost ALWAYS, and unlike in the movies, they do no show themselves apart from their behavior being unstable, negative, violent, destructive, etc.

While they may seem like “just a narcissist”, even an over the top one — they are much worse. Remember, they are the exception, not the rule.

I’ve only come across one person that had this, and there was no doubt about it.

She is pure darkness, there is no LIGHT or LOVE within her. There is no healing from what she has, “she” might as well be dead because what is “living” inside of her is not really human — not anymore. Her Soul has been completely pushed out of the body.

The energy coming from her makes me want to vomit, it attempts to pull on my energy but because I know what it is, it cannot.

At least, not anymore. Luckily, when I asked my Guides — specially Archangel Michael why I was feeling so much hate for this person, as I never feel that emotion —I was given the sad but true answer:

She is pure darkness and evil. She has been completely possessed. The dark side use her to confuse and distort the frequencies around those like you, especially because you can feel it. That is why she showed up in the first place.

Well shit. And no freakin’ wonder! While in an abyss of horrible energies, it all made so much sense.

But of course, knowledge is always power.

Once I understood what I was dealing with, I was able to manage the situation in an entirely new way. For someone like her, LOVE doesn’t even work. The very act of even trying to use my energy to penetrate that thing is futile. It only gets its attention, and that’s the last thing I want. Separation is the only way.

Thank you for being guided here, and for reading this article. I sincerely hope that this information and the assessment is helpful for you in living a healthier, peaceful life that is eventually detoxed from all narcissists completely.

Originally post on December 30, 2022


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