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How The Major Players In The Universe Work With & Through Me To Transform Our World, By Infiniti

No, it’s not normal — it’s magical.

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

What is in the spaces of creation that is beyond the bounds of the logical mind will, can and does in itself destroy the logical mind and return the human back to The Soul’s perspective. ~ARCHANGEL GABRIEL via Infiniti


Guardian Angels, The Archangels, The Ascended Masters, The Dragons, The Fae, The Mer, The Unicorns, The Galactics, All Spirit Animals and Mother-Father God.

However, the show runner for most of what I, personally, am a part of and facilitate in this world is Mother Earth GAIA. The leader who pulled it all together for me, and for those I work with.

This is her body, her home after all, and she has been our Mother through every incarnation, she knows us as our own ancestors, and she knows our Soul Story.

To say that she isn’t at the very top of what we do here would be a gross understatement. Yes, even above Mother-Father God, it is her, GAIA who runs the show here. Before 2016, if you had told me that I would communicate and work with any of the above, I would have suggested that you seek medical attention — stat.

Real or not, from any perspective, the above-mentioned are considered THE MAJOR PLAYERS in creation. It doesn’t get higher than them. In fact, we are together, The High Council.

A coalition of Divine Beings who work as a team with incarnates to help, heal and support the incarnates — the Empaths/Lightworkers.

To live a life where talking to, and working with ALL of the above, not just one or two of them — and them being a huge part of my life is quite mind-bending. I get it.

It has become my normal, but I do understand that it isn’t normal, and I very much understand how and why people would question it, and my sanity.

I get it.

Just claiming to be psychic is enough for most people to write me off, but to say that I channel and actively work with any of the above-mentioned is just beyond what most people can logically accept or comprehend.

That’s ok. I accept and respect that, and I’m not ever going to attempt to convince anyone of anything about me, who I am or what I do. Before I became this, I would feel the same way about me.

And still, I am skeptical of others who make similar claims to be channels or healers because I know what it really is, and what it really means to be this and there are people who feel the need to fake it.

I'm aware that many people making these claims just want attention, and aren’t the real deal, like I am.

So again, I get it when people are skeptical about me. My advice is, if you’re at all guided to me, or what I do — to sit in the shallow end and see how that feels. Explore. Listen to podcasts, watch videos, read my articles, my client testimonials and FEEL for yourself. I cannot take you where you are not meant to go.

There’s no need to marry into anything — no need to rush it. But don’t let your prejudice or programming dictate your evolution because you’re unwilling

to expand your idea of what is possible in this world — and what is possible for you.

Unfortunately, many highly intelligent people cut themselves off from miraculous and magical experiences because they have decided what is or isn’t possible in general, and for themselves individually.

Then, there are people who don’t question it, don’t need proof, they can just feel it — that

I’m telling The Truth, and that this magic is for them too.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the proof is in the result of what happens when people work with me.

The very immediate outcome of experiencing even one of my channeled guided astral meditations opens the door to the magical places within a person, allowing for more to come through.

People don’t even need to be with me in person, or in one of my live events. They don’t need to pay a penny. And, they shouldn’t have to.

They can just hit play on a previously recorded astral travel & self-healing session and BAM! They’ll understand that it isn’t normal around here. It’s downright magical. I’m not saying that I’m magical.

I am, however, someone who is Divinely connected, and fully activated and aware of myself on multiple interdimensional, karmic and Soul-based levels.

I open the door for magic to step into your world — if it’s meant for you.

Furthermore, I’m aware of myself and things about the world and creation in general that are so beyond the need for almost anyone to know, and therefore I don’t discuss most of it. It’s not relevant to almost everyone except me. I need to know, so I can navigate myself and this existence.

To know what steps to take, what to do and not to do, how things are connected, whom to help and whom to avoid and what to put any of my energy into.

It’s all one big tapestry that for the most part is beyond even my extended peripheral vision and therefore, I rely on my Guides & Guardians to lead the way, and for them to do that, I need to know some deep shit, so I don’t hold up the journey because I’m resistant or confused.

It really is a team effort. My Guides & Guardians require me to do what I need to do so we can all move forward (the people I’m destined to help), and to do that, I need to understand things to a certain degree.

I know what is important for me to know, and the rest I leave to those who are stationed at a higher perspective than where I am here in this human life and body.

Yes, I do get surprised by outcomes, by the way things unfold — and I’m always awed by how things play out — always for the better, even if the experience was chaotic, difficult, uncomfortable or confusing.

Because, let’s face it — life is confusing, even when you’re not talking to and channeling Jesus, working with Mother Earth GAIA to heal individual people and The Collective, and flying around in the Upper World with Dragons and Unicorns.

To say that I questioned my sanity in the beginning would be an understatement because I was always me-chronically sick with Fibromyalgia my entire life, disabled and approaching 40 years-old.

I was highly suicidal and fantasized about living out various death scenes all day, every day…and the next minute I was something else entirely, and I had no idea what the hell was going on.

At least that’s what it felt like, but the truth is that it had been a lifelong journey of the wooiest woo kind of shit. However, it was my normal and my normal was very weird, and so everything was weird my entire life.

From connecting to Angels, and receiving on-point information for people when I was only 5 years-old, to seeing apparitions, communicating with Souls who’ve crossed over, to levitating, astral projection, and interdimensional travel. Not the normal shit. And I wasn’t even trying.

And, l knew things about situations and people, things that didn’t make sense for me to know. Things I was correct about even and mostly when I didn’t want to be correct. I have just known things, but most of my life, due to being energetically overloaded I was not so confident in what would come through, it was fractured and confusing, I didn’t trust most of it, until after the fact when it was obvious I was correct.

“I knew it!,” is something I said countless times about a person or an eventual outcome with no proof that would be the case — I just knew.

It wasn’t until I was swept up by my Guides & Guardians that things really began for me. Understanding what I was, what was actually wrong with me, and how to fix it instantly.

The stories below goes into those experiences:

So, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t always what I am, at least not to my conscious knowledge. But, at the same time, I have always been this.

I have many titles for what I am and what I do; Shaman, Mystic, Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium, Energy Healer, Channel, Medium, Soul Guide.

I’m also a Divinely Guided Artist, an ability that also came very late and suddenly in life, as I connected to my Soul, and its wisdom.

I was able to download the ability to draw, paint and mix media together to help illustrate the magic that is all around us.

Photos By Infiniti

My creations are also a big part of what I’m meant to produce in the world. I connect to GAIA and her Spirit Animals. She says that out of all the ways that humans can relate to and feel her, and Spirit in general, animals are the easiest for people to relate and connect to. More than angels, archangels, ascended masters, and the like.

For some, those beings are just too “out there” to connect to, but animals — well, they are part of the natural world — so humans don’t have to stretch their imaginations too far.

I’m an animal lover to the infinite degree. So working with GAIA, and her animals, drawing them in a way I never could have imagined, along with connecting to their essence — if all I could do was just this, I would be beyond blissful with my existence.

It’s important to remember that no matter what, we were created to create, to express through our varied creations — regardless of our artistic abilities.

Independent of the many titles that accompany me to help explain all that I am, I believe the best way to explain it is that I’m an in-between world walker.

An incarnate Soul who has always had the abilities to communicate with those in other dimensions and realms, travel and work within those space, I’m someone who feels and understands energy deeply, by being able to connect to others, and the environment energetically.

When you put the two together, you have someone who can understand exactly what is going on with humans and animals, their energy, what is within them, what is in the way, why it is there and how to remove it.

At the same time, I can hear those in other dimensions, higher vibrational beings can talk to me, and show me things, so I can better understand and help.

From the universal perspective, the planetary perspective, the collective perspective, the individual perspective, and going beyond the conscious to the subconscious bodies within the human.

Going beyond the mind, to the energy, to the very biology, and physical systems of the human body. I can see inside the body, down to the cellular, microscopic levels. I can find all negative energy within the body and the different energy systems, aka Chakras, and the 5 bodies each human is composed of. The energy can be from their own physical, emotional or energetic functions, or those that have been absorbed by others.

The negative energy can be parasitic in nature. It really doesn’t matter what the source of the negative energy is, I will find it, and help eradicate it from the body.

This is significant because this is how to heal, cure the human from the energy that makes them sick, have illnesses and diseases.

The energy that makes it impossible to live healthy, balanced, happy, peaceful, purposeful lives.

I see the human as the various energetic, physical layers that they are as a whole, while connecting to their Soul, and their personal Guides & Guardians, and those mentioned above to help them in ways that no other human can.

I can feel in my body what others feel in theirs, whether it’s an adult, child, baby, or animal. Not only that, but I feel exactly what they feel, exactly how they feel it. It doesn’t matter what the cause is. Headache, stomach, joints, muscles, bones-my body literally duplicates for me what others are experiencing.

It feels like it’s my body, but it’s not.

This is something I didn’t know I could do or was doing for more than 40 years. No one knew — doctors most certainly didn’t know — no one suspected that I was feeling what other people and animals felt, and not only that, but my body would spontaneously send high vibrational, Life Force Energy to that person or animal, to help heal what was causing them pain to begin with.

So, way before I was conscious of what my body was doing, it was just doing it, absorbing information in the form of energy, and then sending out the opposite energy to help the issue(s).

This is the Medical Medium/Quantum Healer aspect of me.

I can do this by touching the body-I feel negative energy as being hot to the touch, or I can do it by tapping into the body from a distance, and being told from multiple sources, the body itself, the person’s Guides, and being shown visions of the body, and the causes of discomfort. Proximity isn’t a factor whatsoever.

This is why I was so sick for so long, and why it only got worse as I got older, and also why it was largely unexplainable as to why it was so, so severe.

I wasn’t actually sick, it’s this body — it is so energetically sensitive, and meant to absorb and transmute energy, that it disrupted me severely.

I was energetically ill, not physically ill. And, that isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Everyone who is sick is energetically sick in one way or another. Knowing how to manage, handle, eradicate that energy is the name of the game, and I’m the master of the game at this point.

I am completely and utterly confident in my ability to connect to and fix the body of what is causing problems. I feel this way because it’s not just me, I’m not the one who’s doing all of the work. It’s a team effort, and what I need to get it done is a person or animal that WANTS to get better, they are on board for their own healing, the get it and they step into the other worlds with me, allowing the higher vibrational beings to come in and work with them. I work mostly with Guardian Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters in the work I do to clear, heal and connect with my clients. Aside from their personal Guides & Guardians — it’s a team effort. None of this is meant to be done solo.

Animals tend to communicate for themselves through visions, and their Guardian Angel will explain in detail any information I need to know, or to pass on to the animal’s humans so they can understand and better care for the animal — whether it’s a wild animal or a companion animal.

Truth be told, I have always gravitated toward working with and healing animals even more than people because if the lack of complexity and resistance they have about the work that I do, and what I am in general.

Animals have a much easier time perceiving my intentions, my abilities, and connections to things outside the normal dimension I am physically stationed in. This makes it easy for them to trust me, and allow me to help them without resisting. In fact, they are always effortless to help, and extremely honest and self-aware, much more so than most humans.

Adult humans are exponentially more complicated, and tend to resist what they do not know, or cannot verify. They have many systems in place to distrust, to deny, to lie about and to avoid what they dislike, or don’t want to know.

Change is usually difficult for most humans, and accepting that they must change is not easy. Having faith that the unknown is a place to dive into and explore, especially within self exploration, spirituality, metaphysics and the like are typically met with resistance. Trust and faith are main factors if a person is going to heal and transform their lives. Humans have put in place various boundaries for themselves and what they will allow themselves to consider as The Truth, or Fact, that is beyond what they have been programmed to believe, regardless if those beliefs were based on not what they experienced, but what they were told by their people in their life from infancy, or what they read in any particular book.

People want to experience a life free of pain, stress, worry, judgement, uncertainty and stagnation.

However, ironically, most people want these things to magically change, magically come to be without consciously having to make decisions that naturally take them into the unknown.

The unknown is a place most people are fearful of.

The unknown is what fear is, most of the time.

The unknown is precisely where people need to go to know The Truth about themselves and this world.

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

If I hadn’t allowed myself to follow my Guides into the unknown, I wouldn’t be here writing about any of this.

I wouldn’t have healed all of those people and animals, I wouldn’t be able to teach others about energy or what it is to be an Empath.

The unknown is home to everything that we need to discover, or experience, so we can know it.

Those who are guided to me, to work with and learn from, heal through and create a new world with me are meant to be Major Players in the world.

They are the people who know deep in their Soul that they are meant to live a much different life than the one they have been living. They are meant to help people individually, and just by being them in the world, empowered and connected, triggers others to do the same. However, the people who are guided to me, are in countless ways much like how I used to be.

They are usually exhausted, in physical pain, spiritually, creatively and emotionally blocked, stuck in a life that doesn’t have the meaning their Soul craves, they feel out of place in this world, and like they won’t ever feel comfortable being them. They perceive much more than they can sort out, and they frustrated beyond measure in multiple ways.

This applies to people who have already stepped into the world to help others, whether it’s in the spiritual/metaphysical or not.

Empaths/Lightworkers are what they are and they will find away to contribute to the collective, to give more than they take, to be there for others beyond what is healthy. To give, and give and give.

While this is a good thing, it can also be extremely unhealthy, toxic and detrimental to their own health, and this is what happened to me, and each one of my clients. It’s so easy to fall into this pattern of giving and giving and not managing one's own system because we just don’t know how. And, it feels good to help, to give to others, that is the Empath/Lightworkers happy place.

But that happy place can turn against us without understanding the complexities of the situation.

Luckily, with some help and support, they can transform their default, uncontrolled ways of dealing with energy, and turn it into a very controlled and purpose-driven experience that is fair, balanced and above all HEALTHY for all involved.

They are meant to live lives that deeply connect them to their bodies, and to GAIA, their Guides & Guardians, to The Collective, and they are meant to do Lightwork and help others in various ways.

The people who are guided to me, are people who are meant to Light up others, and change the world.

Photo by Redd on Unsplash

Like I said, Major Players in whatever way their destiny dictates, and to get there, they know that they must dump a lot of shit, heal, learn, reprogram, be guided and deeply connect to their Soul and Guides & Guardians. Each person and Soul has a path, a story they have been living before this incarnation, and beyond it. But this one is meant to tie so much of the past and the future together. In past incarnations, many of us — even if deeply connected — remained confined, unable to step through the different lifespans and timelines, unable to connect the dots. We were limited in so many ways that we are no longer bound — these lifetimes are meant to POP the SOUL into the ACTIVE position.

Now, there are those of us that can step through into the different realms and dimensions, we can pull out information from The Akashic Records, and use that information to help us in this lifetime — as it was always meant to be.

It’s been a Soul Journey, not just a lifetime journey. We have climbed the ladder, time has extended into the exact moment when humanity, and the Souls who make humanity what it is, are truly meant to awaken to The Truth, and really start to build the foundation of our New World.

I feel beyond grateful and so blessed to have lived my impossible, miraculous and magical life.

To be able to communicate, connect to and work with the Major Players on both sides of the veil — as a team we will change the world, day by day, month by month, year by year, lifetime by lifetime.

It all begins now, with us awakening to The Truth of who and what we are, allowing for information to permeate our ridged minds, to help us to evolve now.

I know I’m not for everyone, and that’s a good thing. The entire world isn’t my responsibility (at one point early on it felt like it was). Just because I CAN theoretically help everyone, doesn’t mean I should, or that’s what is meant to be.

I am what I am, the special ingredients within me, and all I’m connected to isn’t for everyone. Only The Major Players, and I’m honored to be here for this important work we are all part of.

About Infiniti

As The Faerie Godmother to my clients–my reunited Soul Family — I show them that anything is possible. I provide the space and path to Evolve Now, and they innately have faith in my high-level divine connections, my magic and my WOO.

They dive into that sacred, supportive and loving space that only Soul Family, one who knows them from many lifetimes, can provide.

Through my shamanic spirit connections, and in-between world walking, my direct link to Mother-Earth GAIA — I know exactly what the necessary tools are needed to assist each individual who is guided to me, to activate and embody who they are truly meant to be through connecting and healing the inextricably linked components of the whole — mind, body, spirit–energy.

I send out my Soul Song to my Soul Family–The Major Players in the world who are ready to take a big leap in their evolution while eliminating pain, fatigue, feeling lost and stuck, confusion, chronic conditions — all while getting closer to aligning with their Soul, and Guides & Guardians.

In the last life, in this one, and the next–I’m here to guide my Soul Family from the darkness into The Light.



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