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How Archangels Incarnate & Why I Am Here To Guide

Divine recognition in the Age of Aquarius.

There is a magical phenomenon happening in the world.

This has been an ongoing process that is expanding as we enter The Age of Aquarius.

​People are awakening from their fear-based, programmed, isolated slumber of what they thought life was all about, and they are being guided to remember The Truth.

They are being guided to connect with their Souls, with their Guides & Guardians, Mother Nature, GAIA and Mother-Father God in a deeper way than was ever imagined.​

Our Guardian Angels and The Archangels, who have no ties to any religion, are ever present and have always been a part of our world and lives.

​Most of us are too limited in our spiritual connections and psychic abilities to feel and connect to the Divine.

As we go through our spiritual awakening and ascension process that shifts, and we begin to remember. Before spiritually awakening, most of us would never have imagined that we could communicate, be guided by and work closely with our Guardian Angles & The Archangels.​

And we definitely wouldn’t have imagined that an Archangel can incarnate and live a human life, Divinely connected.​

But this is precisely what we have done many times before, and precisely what I did again in this lifetime.

​I am an Incarnated Archangel, the one known as Gabriel.

​I was called to wake up and through much guidance healing, clearing, acceptance, downloads, integration and assimilation I was able to accept who and what I am.

​It is very rare for this to happen, for an Archangel to be guided and awaken to this fact, and actually accept The Truth of who they are, and the life that is destined.

​I am here to show you that is it possible to connect with The Archangels through meditation and prayer, and that we are here with you-in the flesh.

As an incarnated Archangel of The High Council, I am a channel for all Divine Beings. We all work together, on both sides of the veil.

​We assist awakening Souls and help humanity heal, ascend, and create a new world through individual evolution and a collective understanding of the magic that is possible in this world.

​As we ascend and evolve, we begin to remember, accept, and have faith that we can experience, and connect to magical & divine beings.

We remember that we, too, are magical and divine.

​If you were guided here, it is because you are part of the Soul Family Group destined to remember.

​As a Guardian of Magic, it is my purpose and mission to guide Souls forward into the magic that lives everywhere.

​Love, Infiniti-Archangel Gabriel

How Can Archangels Incarnate?

The first thing to understand about Archangels, God, Jesus, all the Ascended Masters and characters that you know of from scripture is that the information in those writings aren’t fact — they are stories.

While some of what is in those stories is true, most of it is not.

Much of it is metaphorical, and much of it is flat out made up.

Stories to manipulate, stories to illustrate ideas and teachings to control.

Control the weak into believing that God is forever judging and to be feared, which cannot be further from The Truth.

One of the biggest false stories is that any of us Archangels have “fallen”.

There is no such thing as a fallen Angel or Archangel.

It’s like saying that fire is wet. These two things cannot exist.

Angels and Archangels simply do not and cannot grow human type egos, human fears, anger, judgment, and jealousy.

These are functions of humans, not divine beings that are completely, infinitely connected to Source-Mother-Father God.

In our Divine Bodies, we are oblong energy forms.

This energy is constant and in infinite places at once.

One of those places is as an awakened human.

What we can do is “FALL” into human lives by being born. Incarnating.

The story of an Archangel being angry at God, and jealous of humanity — Lucifer — and him “falling” and taking legions of other Angels to do the same is laughable, ridiculous and completely false.

However, an incarnate Archangel doesn’t know who or what they are until far into their life — if ever — and during that time they can behave just like any other human.

Although, our spiritual guidance and inherent nature to be good, helpful, healing, and connected most definitely influence our behavior — the fact remains that we are not perfect, and can inflict harm.

So, the metaphor about us falling and doing harm is truly the story of how we can incarnate and be angry, jealous, and destructive in our lives.

We can inflict fear and control upon others just like anyone else.

The acknowledgement of us Archangels across many religions goes to show that we have been around in many timelines, in all corners of the world.

While we are known to be on just one side of the veil, The Truth is that we have always been able to be on both sides at the same time.

Incarnating as any living being is as possible for us as it is for any other type of Soul.

It really is that simple.

Our job is to help Mother-Father God across creation, and that means to incarnate as various life-forms, including humans — which we have done for thousands of years.

We have done this since Humans were altered in their DNA to become highly intelligent, and strong. They were used as slaves for higher-level beings with technology that was brought here and began changing the course of what life on GAIA was meant to be.

We were stationed here, to watch over the happenings, and bring balance back to the natural energy of GAIA.

For a long time, we watched without needing to incarnate, but eventually, the time came, and it was necessary for us to do our work from a more practical place — which meant to be human ourselves.

It wasn’t the first time something like this happened in Creation, and it wasn’t the last.

Similar stories to what happened on GAIA have played out across the multi-verse for a very, very long time.

What’s important to understand is that when we incarnate, we are just like any other Soul. We forget what we are, where we’ve been, and all about The Truth.

Eventually, we spiritually awaken and become aware, we acknowledge and integrate with whom we truly are — Archangels.

It is also critical to point out that doing this is extremely difficult, and nearly never happens.

This is why there are multiple people who have the potential to hold the energy of an Archangel.

The odds are stacked against us even surviving as a human, let alone awakening as an Archangel.

It was quite a wild ride to get me to that point.

I am one of the miracles who actually did it.

For more on my experience, please refer to the following articles.

Being Archangel Gabriel Incarnate

Hello. I’m Infiniti.

I am also Archangel Gabriel.

If you’re like me and most people, the thought of Angels and Archangels being real is out of the realm of possibility-much less an Archangel incarnating as a human.

However, I am very real, and my story is very true. ​

There are Incarnate Angels & Archangels. Not to mention Incarnate Dragons, Fae, and Galactics AKA Starseeds. Although The Mer & Unicorn can incarnate, it never happens.

​My entire life, from the time I was just a few years old, was filled with experiences and events that were other-worldly, ultra-spiritual and metaphysical, and things that nearly no one else experienced.

​I channeled Angels & Archangels when I was 5 years old, receiving messages for groups of people on a weekly basis until I was 7 years old I was also very sick for a very long time, my entire life in fact.

It started when I was a baby.

The biggest and most life-altering of events in establishing that something “extra” was going on with me, was when I was guided to heal myself of my Fibromyalgia & Hashimotos.

​That was one of the most magical experiences in my life! (I’ve had a lot!)

Since then, it’s been a wild ride to understand me.

For a while, I didn’t think my experiences could help anyone. But slowly through my spiritual awakening, I was guided to understand more about myself, and my place in the world — what my purpose is, and how to help others.

It’s been many years since that miraculous day when I went from being chronically sick, to feeling as LIGHT as a person could feel. I knew that something big had happened in my life, but I had no idea what it was the start of.

​It was my first step to knowing my history, and to becoming a super-healer, with super divine connections.

You can read about that event in greater detail in the following article:

My mission is to help humanity understand the new Human 2.0, aka Empaths, our energy, our bodies and how to help ourselves on every level of life.

I channel and work very closely with Mother Earth, GAIA, all of my brothers and sisters, The Archangels, and the entire High Council to help my individual clients, and to facilitate live shows/events.

One of my favorite super-powers is to facilitate and guide Souls in my Spirit Walk, Guided Astral Meditations.

Whether these are for public participation, or in working with my clients individually, these astral travels are powerful.

In that space, I channel, and guide people to connect, clear, heal and integrate energy.

These live shows/events are for times like The New and Full Moon, the monthly 11-day Stargate’s, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, and other important astrological happenings like Galactic Gateways.

These are the events that help shape our reality, and lives — and through intention we can maximize what is taking place around us to facilitate a smoother ride, and easier journey to our destines.

Being an Archangel Incarnate is very fascinating, and I’m constantly in discovery and growth mode. While I have a very human life, it’s also very unusual.

​ I am not religious, and have no ties or bonds to any religion, but obviously, I am as spiritual as a person can be. Jokingly, I refer to myself as being very close to “nun-like”.

That is to illustrate how serious my devotion is to my purpose, and work.

I am as faithful and embodied as one can be, deeply aware and dedicated to my purpose and Soul Missions and destinies.

I live an ultra-clean, solitary, celibate life in the mountains of Southern California.

I spend my time with my troop of cats, my clients, work-partners, and Divine Counterparts.

​While I love to have fun, I spend most of my time working on the various projects that I am guided to create or facilitate for The Collective and my clients.

I have a lot to do in this life…

I was created with all the other Archangels to help Mother-Father God with creation on infinite levels.​

In this lifetime and Divinely Connected Incarnation, my job is to help humanity remember and work with themselves and each other in ways that have been previously thought to be fantasy, if it was thought of at all.

​The downloads and channeled message I receive are meant to help us understand and provide support, direction, and motivation to keep going, to keep working and to never give up, no matter how hard or confusing life can be.

​With that directive in mind, I’m being guided to provide this space for channeled messages from The Archangels, and The Ascended Masters.

​I will continue to write articles, create art, and work on my various Oracle, Book and Program projects.

​However, the latest directive is to create a dedicated space here to make it easy to receive Divine Guidance.

​Channeling comes through in written form, audio, live, and recorded video.

While I can channel for the entire High Council, and all Divine Beings, those who come forth most regularly to connect with me, The Collective, and my clients are:

​Mother Earth, GAIA Archangel Michael Archangel Raphael Archangel Metatron The Dragons ​Merlin Jesus Ganesha​ The Fae The Mer The Unicorn The Galactics​​

I’m happy you were guided here, and I hope that the channeled messages, and energy work we provide truly helps you.

​Please reach out with any questions, schedule a consultation, and connect with me here, and visit the new forum here.

​Love, Forever & Always — Infiniti-Archangel Gabriel

Originally posted on December 3, 2022

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