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A Quick Guide: The 8 Universal Processes of A Spiritual Awakening

A Quick Guide: The 8 Universal Processes Of A Spiritual Awakening A road-map to recognizing and navigating your spiritual journey.

The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That’s all there ever is. — Alan Watts

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

To begin, we have to define how you are experiencing life before having a spiritual awakening.

It doesn’t seem like it, but you are sleeping through life.

You are plugged into a Matrix of programs and stories that are told to you, and you believe.

You rarely question reality, and everything about it.

Then, one day the magic happens… Something really deep starts to shift with you in your consciousness.

Sometimes there is a catalyst.

Maybe it’s an event? Maybe you got sick or hurt? Maybe it’s losing someone? Maybe you had a psychedelic experience? Maybe it has nothing to do with an event. It’s just time.

It’s time to know. To connect. To become an active player in your reality vs. being a passive player. It’s time to know the meaning of your existence. It’s time to connect dots you haven’t yet known even exist.

It’s time to know The Truth.

It’s time to know your Soul.

When it’s time, you begin to “wake up”.

Spiritually awakening means to connect to yourself, the world you know — and beyond in a new spiritual, psychic, and energetic way that cannot be proven other than to experience and FEEL IT.

You are now navigating the path that reconnects you to your Soul.

Connecting to your Soul means to connect to The All.

Everything is truly connected. There is SO MUCH more at play and happening in and around us than we ever imagined.

When this happens, things in this reality seem off, and you start asking questions. You experience events that are beyond the norm, and you question your reality.

While I can go on and on here about what a spiritual awakening is and why we have them, I hope that this short and simple definition helps you to understand that it’s a shift from being a basic human, to being an evolved human.

While everyone has an entirely unique journey in their awakening, there are certain stages/levels/processes that we all go through. These processes will be repeated in any order throughout our evolution and ascension/leveling-up.

Below are 8 of the main processes that will be in play during your awakening.

  1. You Will Think You Are Crazy

  2. You Will Continue To Be Confused

  3. You Will Question Everything

  4. You Will Go Through The Dark Night of The Soul

  5. You Will Want To Be Alone

  6. You Will Be Drawn To The Woo-Woo Like Never Before

  7. You Will Change-A Lot

  8. You Will Need To Be Patient

1. You Will Think You Are Crazy

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Questioning your sanity is practically a rite of passage in spiritually awakening. Seriously.

There hasn’t been a single client of mine who didn’t have a bit-or a lot of this as part of their journey.

The reason this is usually one of the first things that happen is because you begin to experience things that are definitely outside the norm.

Synchronicities to the nth degree, seeing repeating numbers like never before, experiencing psychic/spiritual connections, seeing things, feeling things, losing time through daydreaming, and deep introspection about so many facets of life — things both big and small.

Every connection, every important event — you will consider differently. Your emotions and body becomes more sensitive, sleeping is deeper or very difficult, things are both brighter and darker… Things are off — you are off — what is happening?

Yep… You think you’re crazy — that you are losing it, and that in itself makes you believe there is nowhere you belong. Who can you talk to as you sort out what is “real” and what only you can perceive, versus you actually being crazy?

What is happening? Am I losing it? Have I gone nuts? Is this dementia? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What am I meant to become? Why has my life gone this way? Etc…

Those are very common questions to ask yourself as you awaken. The purpose for this stage is to ask-and see what answers you get.

Can you handle the answers that you know deep down will consist of a deconstruction and a reconstruction of yourself? Of nearly everything you thought you knew, and how everything is becoming rearranged in your perception?

Can you take yourself through the stage of thinking you’re crazy by understanding that the weird phenomenons you are experiencing are actually real and accept them as such?

This is the breaking point. The fork in the road. Are you truly going to get on this wild train of what a spiritual awakening is, or is it back to The Matrix for you?

This is the blue pill vs. the red pill.

For those who succumb to the fear of losing their sanity, they will actually revert, and their spiritual awakening will stop happening. Life will stop being so weird, and go back to normal. This is because for certain people, all the questioning and strangeness is just too frightening, and they cannot get themselves past it.

The whole point of a spiritual awakening is to enhance your wellbeing by pushing you beyond your limits of what you think you know about everything. You’re then inspired to learn, heal and evolve.

Otherwise, when you’re afraid you’re going crazy — you are resisting all of it.

Those who can reconcile the difference between experiencing life differently, and losing their mind will suddenly find that they are validated enough to know what is happening.

Their fear turns into faith.

You will find a video, or an article (maybe this one) that proves that you are not crazy — that this spiritual awakening insanity is actually something that many people experience.

The feeling of being alone will disintegrate. You will shift to being more connected with your Guides & Guardians than ever before — and understanding that this process you’re in is beautiful and special — even if it can be very scary at first.

Advice For This Stage

Keep an open mind with yourself. Know that you are figuring things out, connecting dots, and definitely in need to explore this new world.

Give yourself and this stage the attention it needs, don’t turn away and try to talk yourself out of it because you think you may not be cut-out or can’t handle this. You can. I know you can because if you couldn’t, you wouldn’t be given the opportunity to spiritually awaken.

Journal. Write things out and let it flow, so you can see it on paper… All of it, any of it. Allow for what is inside to move outside of you to bring it into this dimension. Make it real for yourself, and it will help you to sort it out.

Feeling lonely, and completely alone is part of the process, and soon you will realize that it’s just an illusion. Not only is your entire Spirit Tribe with you — but many other people are going through this now.

You truly aren’t alone — just Google it.

There are many resources and communities to be part of for support in talking through your spiritual awakening journey.

My website hosts a forum, Soul Family Unite where you can post your questions, share your stories, and meet others who are also on this path.

2. You Will Continue To Be Confused

Photo by Tony L on Unsplash

When you begin to awaken spiritually, things get perplexing for a while. That can last several months to several years. It just depends on your journey.

Things that you were fixed to, ideas, stories, processes of life are seen in a new light, and it takes time to be able to make sense of what is happening to you. Why you are feeling things differently, why the things that worked in your life before, your beliefs about everything — are suddenly not so solid, and you wonder if what you put your belief into was real at all.

You will sit and think — a lot.

You will be on your computer and phone looking up all sorts of things, being lead in different directions, down different rabbit holes, and many of them will be entirely new to you.

The things that used to hold your attention, no longer do. The conversations, the music, the shows, the movies, the thinking, the food, the drink, the wishes, the wants, the fears, the judgements — all of it will begin to shift.

Advice For This Stage

Expect a rolling set of waves of change to begin. As one change happens it sets off another, and another, spinning you around in circles at times as you try to get a handle on what you feel and where you’re going.

Rely on your own inner compass to help you through the fog and to people and information that understand what you’re going through. (Like me!)

Most likely those in your life will not have been or understand where you are. The truth is that you will need to find your way by going within.

Dive into spiritual information that helps you expand. Remember, just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean it’s not true, or real — you will need to discern fact from fiction, when the facts seem like fiction, and everything gets turned on it’s head.

I highly recommend meditation. Actually, it’s THE THING YOU MUST DO if you are spiritually awakening. There’s no way but through, and through is through you, and that is through meditation.

Spiritually awakening for a long time in the beginning, until your fear is much, much less, and your faith is much, much more — you will be in the doorway of your new world.

One can hang out there for a very long time because to move past it, means to have done a lot of work to energetically lighten up, heal, clear, and connect to yourself in a very deep way. Most people cannot imagine this type of connection and control being possible.

But, there’s only one way to get there — and that is to meditate. To leave this world behind, and go into The Upper Worlds. That’s where I take people when I facilitate live or recorded Spirit Walks.

Connecting to Mother Earth GAIA herself, The Archangels and Ascended Masters, moving through space and time, flying, building, integrating, downloading and assimilating — and much more can all take place.

Visit my website, YouTube and Fireside for replays of live shows/events, and recorded Channeled Spirit Walk Astral guided Meditations.

These Spirit Walks will help you connect with your body, mind, and Soul to clear, balance, flow, and ground energetically. They will also deeply help you to connect spiritually with your Guides & Guardians.

If that sounds too advanced — it’s not. Anyone can do this without any previous meditation experience! You just have to take yourself there and let go — follow the leader, and you’ll see how magical it is.

If it still sounds too much for you, then do other guided meditations for grounding, clearing and connecting to your spirit guides.

3. You Will Question Everything

You will wonder who you have been and who you are becoming. You will ask questions, wonder why you are who you are, why you exist, what is your true purpose, what is the truth, and so much more.

The questions you won’t be able to stop asking yourself are the very things that will lead you forward to shift and make choices about which directions you will go in. You will discover everything you’re connected to.

Advice For This Stage

Ask every question with the expectation that you will get an answer. The point of this stage is to ask questions, of yourself and everything you thought you knew about the world, what you are, and what you are connected to.

This is the time to discover The Truth, and let your inner compass guide you, instead of what society says is the safe-zone to wonder.

4. You Will Go Through The Dark Night of The Soul

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

Being confused leads to asking questions, and those questions lead to remembering many events and details about your life.

The markers on the road of life that has defined you.

This stage is important because it makes you examine your timelines. It forces you to remember your life, and do an inventory of the people and experiences that have shaped your journey.

The vision I always get about this stage is of being in a backyard, under the Full Moon, with many rocks scattered around the yard. Those rocks are the relationships, highs, lows, traumas, losses, triumphs — and everything in between that stands out in your life.

The Dark Night of The Soul takes you down memory lane as you sit in the illumination of the Full Moon, so you can turn over each stone, and organize yourself.

This Life Review will serve you as you move forward because you will know what it is that hurts and blocks you, what it is that motivates and inspires you. From here you will be better able to navigate the many ways and stages you will be guided to heal.

Observe and process what comes up without judgement. See The Dark Night of The Soul as triage to your future surgery, where what is out of order, in chaos and pain will eventually be healthy and strong.

5. You Will Want To Be Alone

Each of the previous stages will cause you to pull away from the normal social situations. This is so you can think and organize yourself without getting influenced by other peoples ideas or energy while you are in the beginning stages of a rebirth.

Think of how isolated a baby or babies are in their mothers' womb. They are alone, gestating, changing every single day until it is time to be birthed.

Being in solitude is a gift that we each will get in various ways depending on our particular story. But, no matter what, the more solitude you can get, the better it will be for you. If it seems like you are traveling mostly alone, consider it a gift.

If finding alone time is difficult, then it is time to prioritize who and what should still be part of your life, and taking up time and your Life Force as you are going through a rebirthing process.

Another reason for wanting to be alone is that you feel alone, and like you don’t fit in anywhere.

Advice For This Stage

Assessing what takes away, and what gives to you will be helpful to have clarity, so you can be guided with the least amount of friction possible.

You will have to deal with others who want you to stay they way you were, and be part of the crowd, but you will begin to see that your time alone is precious.

6. You Will Be Drawn To The Woo-Woo Like Never Before

Regardless of your involvement in Woo-Woo business before your spiritual awakening, it will increase.

You will be guided to many things you have known about but never gave much time to, and things you never heard of before.

Things you once may have written off as fantasy, become things of curiosity. You are more open than ever to understand, and explore all the metaphysical, spiritual, occult, holistic healing, alchemy & energy work, hermetic, Ascended Masters, Archangel Guidance, crystals, astrology, plant medicine, numerology, shamanism, Tarot & Oracle — and all divination — to name a few.

You’re guided to these things because they are paths and doorways, and the very Guides & Guardians of your life and Soul, and you will be guided to learn and connect in your own unique way.

You will find that there are topics you may only be guided to scratch the surface of, while with others, you will feel a great pull and resonance with. You will want to dive deeper, to learn more, practice and play.

You may have a hard time reconciling your interest and excitement. The support and motivation you feel when you work with these things — especially if you’ve judged others for the same thing, or if you feel others will or are judging you.

What’s important to remember, is that these Woo-Woo things are keys to knowing the unknown, and until you are ready to know — it seems ridiculous.

Advice For This Stage

Forgive yourself for once judging any or all of the things you now find yourself being guided to, and forgive those who do not yet or may never know this beautiful stage of exploration.

7. You Will Change-A Lot

Given what the previous stages offer an awakening Soul, it should be expected that all of it will change you — a lot.

Your world will shift and change many times over, and quickly. Your environment, the players in it, where you work, how you work, where and how you live, what you invest in, what you let go of, and what you turn to for comfort will all change.

Your very appearance, and the world around you will morph into something very different from what you have known before because that is what happens when we evolve…It not only changes how we think and feel, it changes how we live, and even how we look. It changes how we see the world, and how the world sees us.

Your perception and understanding of the matrix of energy all around you and your place in The Web of Life will rebirth you into something wholly different from what you have been your entire life.

This is the purpose of a spiritual awakening — your evolution and rebirth into someone who is connected to The Divine, and the remembrance of The Truth.

Advice For This Stage

From this point forward, accept that you will be changing a lot until your last day in this timeline.

You are never finished ascending, or spiritually awakening, connecting, growing in your awareness and abilities. The cycle of life begins again and again in a spiritual awakening, we go from baby to senior, and then begin again and again within one lifetime.

Let it give you solace that there is no end point to strive for, other than to keep moving and going forward every single day — even if it’s just a little at a time.

8. You Will Need To Be Patient

Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

As you change and go through these stages, you will feel more than ever how timelines work, and how your frequency, or more importantly, how you master your frequency, plays a part in your experiences, and how they create your timelines.

As you connect to yourself and life in this way, you will naturally feel “out of time” not in the right place in time. It may feel as though you are behind in time and where you should be in your journey and processes.

This is the tricky part because the truth is that you are precisely where you are meant to be at any given moment.

The truth is that you are feeling your timelines energetically, and you are in a physical reality that is behind those timelines you are energetically tapping into.

Timelines where you are in that new position, or started that business, are through that breakup, or have moved to that new home — or any number of things that are moving slower than you would like — and feel connected to.

Your Soul and energy, your spiritual guidance and connections are intertwined. They are in a matrix that goes out in all directions. As you ascend, your psychic abilities improve, and you can feel those timeline connections getting stronger.

This can be a great motivator, and also greatly frustrating because you are not where you feel you should be.

Advice For This Stage

Repeat this mantra; I am exactly where I am meant to be. I am not behind, I am not late. Everything is happening in Divine Order.

You will feel less “out of time” the more you go through your journey.

The above mantra will help you in calibrating to the awareness of timelines and how you connect to them, so you won’t feel frustrated where you are.

After all, by being in the moment and honoring every place in time you are, is in essence receiving all the magic that is available to you.

The more magic you allow to be present in your life, the smoother the ride, and the more fun you will have as you, dear caterpillar, become the butterfly.

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

May Your Magical Moments Continue…

I hope that this article helps you sort out where you are and where your spiritual awakening journey will take you. It truly is magical.

However, it’s not easy, it requires a lot of intentional spiritual work, and it can be very messy — just like giving birth. Essentially, you are rebirthing yourself when you have a spiritual awakening.

I want to help you through this, and that’s why I offer so many resources to help you understand your evolving self.

Visit my website for a lot more information, and the many ways you can connect with me and my spiritual and practical guidance for navigating your spiritual awakening.

May you journey well.

Infinite Love & Blessings, 💜 Infiniti

Originally posted on November 27, 2022


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