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We Are Soul Family

As we move into The Age of Aquarius, The Light-the cosmic and galactic energies for Spiritual Awakening are stronger than ever. 

A massive influx of energies for transfiguration began

at the end of 2022 like never before.

It has continued into 2023, only gaining in momentum and intensity.


  • complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.

  • A marked change in form or appearance; a metamorphosis.

  • A change that glorifies or exalts.


Humanity is being reconnected to their Souls, the multiverse, to nature,

and The Truth on all possible levels. 


We are eliminating fears, healing from believing in false stories and programs.   


Especially the ones that tell us we are random, out of control and powerless. 


Because most Empaths do not know what they truly are,

how different they are, or how POWERFUL they are, the awareness of

Empaths: Lightworkers/Starseeds/Earth Angels

is being illuminated to The Collective.

The Light, Our Guides & Guardians

I am Infiniti

This is why I have always incarnated and am divinely guided to work with those of you who find me again through our

multidimensional, magical, sacred connection here, in this timeline. 


As a Divine Angelic Incarnate, I am a Channel and Vessel for

Mother-Father God, Mother Earth GAIA, The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Fae, Unicorn, Mer, Galactics, and Spirit Animals. 


Together, we, The High Council of Light, help heal, guide and enlighten humanity to The Truth of how spirituality connected and

infinitely powerful you truly are.

Are guiding Empaths to learn the importance of

awareness, acceptance, multidimensional connections, healing, and recognizing each other to help through the learning

and integration process of being an Empath.


They are guiding us to ourselves on these levels, so we can ultimately connect to our Life Purpose, Soul Missions, and Soul Destines,

in Divine Union with our Souls. 


They are guiding Soul Family to magnetize and reunite. 

Expect Magic & Miracles!


" I literally help my Empath clients eliminate the pain and chronic conditions their doctors said they would live with forever. "

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Soul Family Connect






Live Shows

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True Social

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The Collective Spiritual Consciousness

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 The     Weekly Shaman Circles



 The     Weekly Shaman Circles


  • Infiniti is a Generational Shaman, Psychic Physical Empath & Divine Angelic Incarnate

  • She is part of and works with The High Council of Light, channeling the highest level informational and energies into and for The Collective, and her personal clients.

  • She was born in Colombia, raised in Southern California. She now lives in Northern California near Mount Shasta on nearly 13 acres of private property provides her and her clients with the highest vibrational energy and clarity for Divine Guidance possible.

  • Her relatives and ancestors were Tribal Native Shaman Medicine Men & Women, Soul Guides. She regularly taps in and works with her Shaman Ancestors for herself, her clients and The Collective.

  • Infinit's brings to each Circle her abilities and gifts of Quantum Distance Energy Healing, Mediumship, Medical Mediumship, Astral Spirit Walk Guide, Channeling & Working With ALL Spirit Guides & Guardians, Master Psychic & Diviner: Pendulum, Oracle & Tarot Cards, Dice.

  • Infiniti's Shaman Circles are GROUP MEETINGS, created in a Divine Sacred Space

  • Live 75-Minute Meetings with Infiniti, Tuesday-Friday 11:30 Pacific via Google Meets 

  • Infiniti is Divinely Guided to a different Theme/Topic Each Week/Each Circle

  • Group Discussion, Q&A

  • Private Facebook Group For Each Circle To Connect With Infiniti & Group Members

  • Private Access to Oracle Readings & Spirit Walks for each Circle


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  • Themes & Topics Include:

  • Understanding & Being Responsible For Yourself As An Empath

  • Spirituality & The Ascension Processes As An Empath

  • Empath Maintenance Including: Energy Clearing, Healing

  • Psychic Attack & What It Really Is

  • The 6 Bodies: Being Aware Of & Working With

  • The 9 Chakras: Being Aware Of & Working With

  • Solfeggio Healing Frequencies

  • Quantum Energy Work

  • Relationship Changes

  • Cord Cutting

  • Diet & Energetic Consumption

  • Work, Career Needs & Changes

  • The Material Matrix

  • Fears, Illusions, Negative, Fear-Based Stories & Programs

  •  Other Themes or Topics May Be Introduced As Guided

  • Themes & Topics Influde:

  • Sacred Locations

  • The Healing Power & Magic of:

  • Herbs

  • Plants

  • Flower Essence

  • Plant Medicines

  • Crystals

  • Seashells

  • Andara Light Beings

  • Connecting Through Channeling & Downloads With:

  • GAIA 

  • Spirit Animals

  • The Fae

  • The Dragons

  • The Elements

  • The Elementals

  • Other Themes or Topics May Be Introduced As Guided

  • Themes & Topics Include:

  • The Abundance Matrix

  • Abundance Mindset

  • Intentions/Manifesting/The Law of Attraction

  • The Moon Cycles

  • Synchronicities

  • Archetypes

  • Alchemy

  • Galactic Gateways

  • Light Portals

  • Stargates

  • Light Gates

  • Learning About, Connecting To & Working With:

  • Guardian Angels

  • Archangels

  • Ascended Masters

  • Galactics

  • Other Themes or Topics May Be Introduced As Guided

  • Themes & Topics Include:

  • The Mother/Divine Feminine

  • The Father Divine Masculine

  • Dreams

  • Channeling Creative Energy

  • Ideas & Visions

  • Creating Artwork

  • Sacred Geometry

  • Birth Chart Astrology

  • Our Solar System Planets

  • Numerology

  • Angel Numbers

  • Learning About, Connecting To & Working With:

  • Unicorns

  • Mermaids

  • Other Themes or Topics May Be Introduced As Guided

Try ALL 4 Shaman Circles!


Around Here, It's ALL about YOU!

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Why were you guided here?

To explore the possibilities...

To eliminate that chronic condition/illness/issue
that no medicine, doctor or therapist
has been able to eliminate...

To HEAL on all levels, and learn how to stay that way forever...

To ditch the state of physical pain, emotional distress, and
spiritual disconnection...

To learn about your body & energy...

To stop feeling like a hopeless victim in your body...

To see for yourself that sometimes the Woo-Woo lady is truly
The Real Deal...

To understand why you're in the state you're in...

To FINALLY see why you keep attracting the same type of people into your life who take, but never give...

To reconnect with your 

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Your Divine Inner Child...

To unite with your SOUL, your MAGIC,
and how truly powerful you really are...

WELCOME to the first moment of the
new chapter in your story. 

Are you ready to

Evolve Now?

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Infiniti's Soul Mission Is To
Reunite With
Soul Family

To help them write the next chapters of their story from the most pain free, clear, healed, grounded, energized, aligned, in-flow, balanced, aware, awake, and spiritually connected foundation possible. 

Magic Lives Here

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials: Working With Infiniti

Short Testimonial By Ahñia

Short Testimonial By Lieonessa

Long Testimonial By Ahñia

Long Testimonial By Lieonessa

Long Testimonial By Jeanette

Short Testimonial By Janette

Testimonial By Karen

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Infiniti's Shaman Circle

Fireside Cover-The Evolve Now Show & Pod



The Soul Quest Program


Soul Mapping:

Connecting To My True Identity,

Life Purpose & Soul Destinies

What does your Soul want?

What is your true identity?

What is your life purpose?

What are your Soul Missions & Destinies?

What is your Spirit Name?

Program Features

✶ Lifetime Access

✶  Weekly Group Meetings with Infiniti

✶  8 Body and Soul Maps

✶  8 Divinely Channelled Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditations

✶  Infiniti’s Shaman Circle Private Forum for Soul Quest Members

✶  Infiniti's Shaman Circle Podcast



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Magic Lives Here

Find Your Spark With

Magical Offerings For Soul Family

All Programs, À La Carte Magical Moments, and Journey Plans
include recordings of each HEALING & MEETING session.

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