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The Soul Naked Luminous
Moon Phases Group

Connecting To The Moon, Lemuria & Mount Shasta

3.22.2024 Webinar with Infiniti introducing The Soul Naked Group

Read The Soul Naked Article HERE.

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Channeling With Lemuria On 3.31.2024

On 3.31.2024 I, Infiniti, had a very intense trance/channeling
session connecting to Lemuria. I was guided to cannabis,
which is a daily plant medicine for me, and
a double microdose of mushrooms for this session .333 grams.
These medicines help to open the door and connect on a higher level,
and have been part of my regimen for a couple of years now.

I was guided to record this session very soon after beginning it, and make it
available to those who are guided to listen and receive.
 This is like a conversation with and about the below, all at once:
Archangel Gabriel
The Sun
The Ancestors

In large part, this is about the time between 3.31.2024 -4.8.2024, which is 
The total Solar Eclipse/New Moon and the first day of
The Soul Naked Group.
It may be a little difficult to follow if you're not listening from a meditative state,
allowing to connect and receive the
meaning and understanding
of what you are listening to. 

I assure you that even at times when it is intense and
some may say aggressive, that
that is a culmination of the energies, of myself, and how it comes through.
However, this was a very safe, sacred and peaceful space
of higher consciousness and connection,
along with my experience being The Receiver, 
The Messenger and The Facilitator of such things.
This channeling experience is very similar to ones I've
had in the past, and also very different because much of this was me
seeing and remembering many things, and narrating
what those things are, for you, dear listener. 

See you on across The Threshold...



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Infiniti - Mount Shasta & Lemuria

Infiniti has been connected and receiving downloads from Mount Shasta and
Lemuria for many years.

Finally, this resulted in her moving over 700 miles (ca. 1,127 km)
to be very close in proximity to Mount Shasta, on Mount Lassen, which is also a volcano.

Her new home is also a sacred, private space in the mountains, where her Divine Connections have been amplified exponentially. 

In a paradigm shifting channeling and download directly from Lemuria, Infiniti now knows The Truth Mount Shasta, and Lemuria.

Lemuria IS, not WAS.

Infiniti, through her Divine Connections as an Archangel Incarnate, and her recent healings, activations, and upgrades,
has been given access to connect, channel, and download
directly from Lemuria, and The Lemurians--not only for herself, but for other Divine Incarnates that are ready to initiate this level of healing and ascension for themselves. 

The Lemurians are alive, and have been sending messages in various ways, connecting with Divine Incarnates for a long time.

They live between the 6th and 9th dimensions
at Mount Shasta.

We will connect to Lemuria through live and recorded channeled Spirit Walks at, or very close to, each of the following Moon Phases:

New Moon
First Quarter Moon
Full Moon
Last Quarter Moon

Lemurians have always worked with and integrated with
The Moon and her Phases, working with our Sun,
The Galactic Center and various Galactics. 

Soul Naked refers to the state of being that will be initiated for each Spirit Walk, allowing for the deepest connections and integrations.

The focus and intent of this work is to help each individual eliminate lower charged energy from their bodies and energy systems.

This means working in various ways, through the Moon Phases, to eliminate fears, illusions, programs, and stories
that keep Divine Incarnates from their ultimate
potential and highest vibrational timelines. 

We will alternate Moon Phases Monthly:

Beginning in April, we will meet live for the New  & Full Moon.

In May, we will meet live for the First & Last Quarter Moon Phases
and alternate in this way for the rest of the year. 

Those who choose the 2nd & 3rd levels of membership will receive recorded Spirit Walks for the phases we are not meeting live. 
In April, you will receive recorded Spirit Walks for
The First & Last Quarter Moon Phases

In May, you will receive recorded Spirit Walks for
The New & Full Moon Phases 

Meetings will be around 75-90 minutes, but can go longer!
Please schedule at least 2.5 hours for the meeting, and to have time and space after each Spirit Walk.
Meetings will be on each Moon Phase,
12 Pacific Time. List of days/dates are below.

Oracle Reading from The Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck
will be pulled, along with any additional messages. 

✶ Infiniti will connect and facilitate a

Channeled Astral Energy Healing Spirit Walk for Light Body healing & activations with each Moon Phase. 

✶ Recordings will be available for replay.

✶ Meeting participants must be on time, access will not be granted
beyond 5 minutes after the meeting start time. 

✶ Members are required to engage and share in the Facebook Group their experiences before, during and after the Spirit Walks.

Posting and responding to other posts consistently
will create an active and cohesive group for all Light Bodies, and help us to integrate and activate the energy work we are doing.

If you would rather not participate in the Facebook Group,
then this space isn't for you, unfortunately. 

This group is for Light Bodies who are ready to
activate and engage.

Please understand that this is to benefit all members. 

Please watch the live webinar above for more detailed information

about this directly from Infiniti.

Joining The Soul Naked Group

Infiniti has been guided to make this group as
accessible as possible, offering 3 options to initiate
and activate in this sacred space. 

Go as guided in selecting your level, detailed below,
then click the button below to sign up. 

For any clarifications, issues or concerns,
please reach out to Infiniti directly:

Soul Naked Moon Phases Group (Instagram Post).png

Soul Naked: The Connect Level $44/Monthly

  • 2 LIVE Meetings per month, including:​​

    • Channeled Cosmic Energy Update

    • Beyond Lemuria Oracle Reading 

    • Channeled Moon Phase & Light Body Spirit Walk \

  • Private Facebook Group 

    • Connect to Infiniti & group members. ​

    • Share/Support/Understanding/Motivation/Inspiration/Mutual Help 

Soul Naked: The Elevate Level $88/Monthly

  • 2 LIVE Meetings per month, including:​​

    • Channeled Cosmic Energy Update

    • Beyond Lemuria Oracle Reading 

    • Channeled Moon Phase & Light Body Spirit Walk \

  • 2 Recorded Spirit Walks per month, alternating Moon `Phases 

  • Private Facebook Group

    • Connect to Infiniti & group members. ​

    • Share/Support/Understanding/Motivation/

    • Inspiration/Mutual Help 

  • Private Facebook Group

Soul Naked: The Illuminate Level $111/Monthly

  • 2 LIVE Meetings per month, including:​​

    • Channeled Cosmic Energy Update

    • Beyond Lemuria Oracle Reading 

    • Channeled Moon Phase & Light Body Spirit Walk

  • 2 Recorded Spirit Walks per month, alternating Moon `Phases 

  • Private Facebook Group

    • Connect to Infiniti & group members. ​

    • Share/Support/Understanding/Motivation/Inspiration/Mutual Help 

  • Monthly Light Body Moon Phases Accelerator Work Sheet

    • Questions & Assessments to review for The Moon phases monthly to help you navigate your path conscious & connected.​

  • A dedicated Andara Light Being activated by Infiniti.

    • The Lemurians have guided Infiniti to acquire and Activate the glass which will be activated to your essences in a Spirit Walk, and kept with Infiniti's group of Andara in her sacred space.

    • You receive photos and a video of your Andara. Along with any additional channeled messages,

    • 20% Discount on a Personally Activated Andara to keep in your possession, to continue to receive direct downloads.

    • Click here to learn all about The Andara Ligth Beings and their connection to Mount Shasta & Lemuria.

  • You are not required to purchase an Andara.

Click the button below to go to The Shaman Circle 
subscription page to choose your plan and sign up. 

Soul Naked Meeting Dates

Meeting Days & Dates

12 PM Pacific
Meetings are through Google Meets
Replays available within 24 hours


✶ MEETING - New Moon: April 8th


  RECORDING - First Quarter: April 15th Monday

 ✶ MEETING - Full Moon: April 23rd



RECORDING  - Last Quarter:  May 1st Wednesday

RECORDING - New Moon: May 7th


✶ MEETING  - First Quarter: May 15th Wednesday

RECORDING  - Full Moon: May 23rd


✶ MEETING  - Last Quarter: MAY 29TH Wednesday



✶ MEETING  - New Moon: June 5th Wednesday

RECORDING  - First Quarter: June 13th Thursday

✶ MEETING  - Full Moon: June 21st


RECORDING  - Last Quarter: June 28th




RECORDING  - New Moon: July 5th


✶ MEETING  - First Quarter: July 13th


RECORDING  - Full Moon: July 21st


✶ MEETING  - Last Quarter: July 27th




✶ MEETING  - New Moon: August 4th


RECORDING  - First Quarter: August 12th Monday

✶ MEETING  - Full Moon: August 19th


RECORDING  - Last Quarter: August 26th Monday



RECORDING   - New Moon: September 2nd Monday

✶ MEETING   - First Quarter: September 10th Tuesday

RECORDING   - Full Moon: September 17th Tuesday

✶ MEETING   - Last Quarter: September 24th Tuesday



✶ MEETING - New Moon: October 2nd Wednesday

   RECORDING - First Quarter: October 10th Thursday

✶ MEETING  - Full Moon: October 16th Wednesday

RECORDING   - Last Quarter: October 24th Thursday



  RECORDING - New Moon: November 1st Friday

✶ MEETING  - First Quarter: November 8th Friday

   RECORDING - Full Moon: November 15th Friday

 ✶ MEETING  - Last Quarter: November22nd Friday



✶ MEETING  - New Moon: December 8th Sunday

RECORDING  - First Quarter: December 15th Sunday

✶ MEETING  - Full Moon: December 22nd Sunday

RECORDING  - Last Quarter: December 30th Monday

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