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Tue, Aug 08


The Collective Spiritual Consciousness

The Lions Gate Live 2023

Channeled Energy Update-Full Spectrum Oracle Readings-Spirit Walk

The Lions Gate Live 2023
The Lions Gate Live 2023

Time & Location

Aug 08, 2023, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

The Collective Spiritual Consciousness

About the event


Go to The Collective Spiritual Consiousness Facebook Group, join the group and attend the LIVE EVENT on 8.8.2023. Below is the full information for The Lions Gate, and this event. 

This ticket is for those who would like an Oracle Reading during the live event. ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE.  

You can also read this article on Medium.

The Lions Gate is an annual event in August, it marks the beginning of the August Stargate from 8.8.2023–8.18.2023, However the energies can be felt by those in alignment beginning around July 24, 2023, set up phase to The Lions Gate Portal

Learn more about The Lions Gate, read my articles about The Lions Gate from 2020, 2021, 2022. Even though they are articles from previous years, reading the information will help you connect to these energies for THIS YEAR, especially if this is NEW to you!


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All Monthly Stargate’s trigger either the solidifying of timelines, creation of timelines, OR the dissolving of timelines. However, The Lions Gate, which is when Earth, specifically The Pyramid Giza, Sirius, and The Galactic Center are in line. A yearly event that happens on 8.8.To learn everything, you need to know about our Monthly Stargate’s: 

This multiplying energy factor means that The Lions Gate Stargate is the infinitely more important and intense than all others.

Also of BIG TIME IMPORTANCE — this Stargate 8.8.2023–8.18.2023 is book ended by TWO SUPERMOONS!The first is on 8.1.2023, and the second on 8.30.2023.BOTH being in Aquarius, as we have just stepped deeply into the beginning of The Age of Aquarius!

Obviously, these are extremely powerful FULL MOONS, but aside from that, the LIGHT CODES of the sequence: 8130, is one of the most powerful there is!

8-Your Soul 1-Your Human Aspect 3-The High Counsel, specifically: Ascended Masters 0-The ALL

This period through the Lions Gate and really, all of August, truly is the biggest of the year.Everything that comes after is with the direct influence of what happens in the upcoming weeks, ESPECIALLY regarding our ascension, our path, our choices, the changes, spiritual awareness, Divine connections to our Guides & Guardians AND, our Souls, AND Soul Family on both sides of the veil.

With The Lions Gate in the middle of these Super Moons, we are being MASSIVELY ILLUMINATED to tap in to our Souls, and our Divine Guidance. 

If you’re an Empath, you’ll be feeling these energies even more!

You may be:

TWIRED, when you’re both TIRED & WIRED. Difficulty sleeping at night for long periods. Difficulty concentrating. ️Diminished appetite. ️More intense/vivid dreams.

Tingles throughout the body, or more on the top or bottom half. Energy surges through the head, neck and shoulders. 

Tightness, headache, brain fog. Sudden, intense onset of sneezing, maybe 1–3 big ones. 

This is NOT allergies-your pineal gland activating and releasing energy, so avoid medications.

Time skipping, slipping, moving faster, then slower, and repeating More instances of Déjá Vu. ️

More instances of synchronicities. ️

More instances of seeing Angel Numbers/Light Codes repeating. ️

Remembering people, experiences, pains from the past. Pay attention.

 Feeling extra emotional, but also more confident, secure, excited and passionate about your future! 

If you have Leo in your Birth Chart, one of your Sun, Moon, Rising or Earth signs, you will be feeling (all of this) more intensely. 

WHAT WILL HELP? Getting SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT, being in water, taking LONG (1 hour +) HOT Salt, crystal, essence BATHS, meditating daily, using plant medicine, using your crystals, connecting with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Tribe, being in nature often, bringing nature into your home with plants, bunches of flowers, essential oils, etc. will help A LOT. 

Past Lions Gate Events & What I’m Doing THIS YEAR I have held live events, with Channeled Energy Updates, Oracle Readings, and Channeled Guided Spirit Walk Meditations for The Lions Gate since 2017, and last year a group workshop through July leading up to The Lions Gate.Last year’s Lions Gate was extremely intense (the most intense I’ve experienced).

I facilitated a month-long workshop leading up to 8.8.2022. Everyone who was part of it had profound activations, and downloads not only right after, but the continual shifts and changes in each of our lives have been significant.

The downloads and new timelines created were mind-bending, causing massive shifts for many of us leading into and through 2023.Therefore, this year we are settling into what last year’s Lions Gate brought us. 

It’s really, really quite amazing to see what the last year has shifted…There was no need for an intensive workshop this year.However, like every year, I am guided to facilitate a live gathering of Soul Family to join me to connect with these most intense energies, helping us to get more stable in the timelines we are adjusting to.Manifesting throughout the rest of the year experiences, people, tools, etc that are in alignment with our frequency and where we are headed.

One of the recent big-time changes is that I’ve been guided back to Facebook, but in an entirely new way than ever before.Yes, if you’ve been around me for pretty much forever — you’ve heard me say that I don’t like Facebook for various reasons. It has been energetically challenging, heavy, plus their practices leave a lot to be desired.

But, we have gone through quite the paradigm shift since The Summer Solstice/New Moon.Having recently been guided to create my Weekly Shaman Circles, I was further guided to go to Facebook to allow for more people to know about these Circles, and be inspired to join me in them.

Then, I was guided to search for spiritual groups to join and see if I can advertise about the circles, and contribute.

Right away, I found The Collective Spiritual Consciousness Group, and saw the recent post inviting “spiritual entrepreneurs” to apply to be Experts for the Group. It was precisely what I was told to find.

Long story short, I was quickly accepted as an Expert!It’s only been a few days since being in the group, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. 

This year will be different from every other year in that I will be hosting The Lions Gate from the group's Facebook Page exclusively.So, to join me there, and partake of the:

Channeled Energy Update

Complete August Stargate Info

General Oracle Reading What we need to know from the Oracle AS A COLLECTIVE

ONLY 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR: Individual Full Spectrum Oracle Readings 15–30 minutes depending on what comes through for you in this group setting.

ANY of the following may be implemented during the reading (unless you decline)Pendulum Mediumship Medical Mediumship Energy Clearing/Healing. 

You will join me on camera.Please be prepared to be on camera, somewhere with good light, free of distractions, and other people around, don’t be in a public setting, don’t have the TV on.

Please prepare for your reading by centering yourself, meditating on what it is you want to know.You can ask a question, or allow for what your Guides & Guardians want you to know.

This allows for the most information, as they know everything you are going through, what you’re thinking about, etc., and will always give you on-point information and guidance.

THESE ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE USED FOR TYPICAL PSYCHIC LOVE READINGS.Questions like; When will my person show up? Does so-and-so like me? And the like. If you have questions about a current intimate relationship, we most certainly will take those questions.

Channeled Guided Astral Spirit Walk Meditation:

Integrating with The Lions Gate, GIZA, Sirius, and beyondMerkabah Activations Time/Astral Travel (we usually travel to GIZA) Uploads from Mother Earth GAIA The Abundance Matrix Connections & Integrations


Confirmed Channeling Messages From: Archangel Metatron Merlin & Anyone else who is in The High Council of Light, this could be any Archangel, Ascended Master, and beyond.

For those of you who are not on or haven’t been using Facebook, (yes, all of my clients) and haven’t wanted to, I really understand, however — it is important to open up to changing from what we’ve done and where we have been in this new paradigm.

You don’t have to partake in ALL OF Facebook, just follow my page, and The Collective Consciousness Group.

No platform is perfect, at least not yet! So we need to go where the people are, and this group has over 300K people!

You may be surprised at what you find, and you may actually enjoy it! Listen, I wouldn’t be there, or be guided to do this unless it was good for us.

There is a robust, active community there all speaking about spirituality in one way or another.

It’s a community of people just like you, who are going through their ascension processes, some established spiritualists, some are newbies — either way — it’s a great place to share your experiences, ask questions, offer support and insight.

Also, I would really LOVE for my inner circle Soul Sisters to be there with me! I am sharing a lot there that you can’t find anywhere else!*

*Replays will be available directly from The Collective Consciousness Group Page, you can do the Spirit Walk at anytime after it is posted if you miss the live.


  • The LIons Gate Shaman Circle

    Ticket For: Full Spectrum Oracle Reading

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